5 natural remedies to treat swollen eyes

Most of us get up with swollen eyes every morning. While it is natural, the accumulation of fluid around the eyes can cause rubbing and irritation. Here are some natural home remedies to get rid of swollen eyes.

Sleep is one of the most important things in our daily routine. While it is something that calms our body, many of us wake up with irritation and swelling around the eyes. While this is one thing, the fluid accumulated around the eyes can cause irritation and rubbing. If your eyes are more swollen when you wake up in the morning, it may be due to fluid retention, called edema. Water that collects around the eyes can even cause eye infections in some cases. While it's bad for the eyes, most of the time, swollen eyes can also make you look sleepy and sleepy and it's a big NO if you have to work with it. So here are some natural remedies to treat swollen eyes at home.


While swollen eyes are the result of fluid buildup, use gravity to fight it. Try using a pillow that keeps your head elevated when you sleep. In this way, water will not begin to accumulate around the eyes.


Green tea is one of the best natural ingredients for soft and supple skin. While this is the case, it also helps to visibly reduce swelling around the eyes. Used green tea bags still have a large amount of caffeine, which helps reduce swelling and maintains blood flow. It also tightens the skin and relieves irritation.


While preparing a breakfast for yourself, start beating the egg whites in a bowl. Apply it gently on the skin and around the eyes. This will tighten the skin while toning it. You will see that the swelling is reduced in just a few minutes. For a great miracle of deflating, the eyes puree an egg white, a little cucumber and a spoonful of rose water together. Dab under the eyes for a refreshing relief.


This is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies to treat swollen eyes. All you need to do is put two spoons in the freezer at night. In the morning, simply place the spoon bowl over and under the eyes (obviously without hurting them!). How do they work? The cold spoon works as a vasoconstrictor to restrict blood flow to the area, which in turn reduces redness and swelling.


While you love a dose of coffee in the morning, applying coffee on your skin will also help reduce swelling. Start beating the egg whites and adding a tablespoon of coffee. Apply it around the eyes with your fingers. The caffeine in the package will help you wake up and also reduce swelling. You can also make and apply an eye cream with coffee at night to wake up with a fresh face.

What do you do to reduce swelling? Let us know in the comments section.

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