5 Natural Remedies to Prevent Flu and Colds

44405406-garlic Foods to prevent colds and flu symptoms and even reduce recovery time

the flu is characterized by being highly contagious and affect the entire respiratory system, but there are very effective natural remedies to cope.

Food to prevent and faster flu
Influenza is a respiratory disease in general that usually lasts two weeks and care single body thanks to the system immune can dominate, if not half the weakness for other illness, pregnancy or old age.
nutrition is the most suitable natural remedy for the treatment of influenza naturally when it manifests or prevent flu, helping to limit its severity and duration.

Here we provide five nutritional resources to treat and prevent flu, naturally:
fruit, especially citrus flu
Fruit consumption is highly recommended for fight the flu naturally, once installed, because it helps the body stay hydrated situation, very important before the rise in body temperature (fever) conditions. Oranges are very suitable to consume while fighting the flu, because it is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C or vitamin of the organic defenses, as it strengthens the immune system, so it is recommended to consume a lot before seasonal changes, to prevent future flu states.

Peanut butter to move faster flu
Foods rich in zinc help improve the performance of your immune system and peanut butter is rich in zinc, accelerating and cure the infectious process, as long as you have no allergy to peanuts course.

Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is the oldest remedy indicated both to prevent and to treat the common cold, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, as it acts to maintain moisture and throat mucus clearance caused by congestion in the airways.

soup homemade chicken is not recommended and commercial versions that contain a lot of sodium.
yogurt to fight the flu
Yogurt is a probiotic food very useful to stimulate organic defenses, so it is recommended in all diets as a healthy habit that works by preventing diseases in general and in the specific case of the flu is very effective even when going through the process and to prevent food-related weakness.

Cure and flu prevention with garlic
Garlic is a natural antibiotic for excellence, to treat naturally any viral or bacterial infection and cures natural medicine garlic preventive recommended before that seasonal changes, such as prevention of influenza states.

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