5 Home Remedies for Water in Ear

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Water in the ears is a very common condition that occurs when water enters the ear and stays trapped inside. Water can enter the ear as any daily activities such as bathing, showering or swimming, etc. If you are a swimmer who become more susceptible to getting ear normally clogged water in the ear comes and goes on its own is done and you don ‘t need to do much for it, but sometimes water gets trapped in the ear and this leads to the appearance of ear discomfort due to clogged ear.

The trapped moisture gives housing environment to bacteria and fungi, but also cause itching in the ears. Pain and discomfort are also observed in many cases.

If the infection is not treated it will grow and will result in excruciating pain and will be required to see a doctor urgently. However, pain can be relieved and reduced with the use of simple home remedies.

home remedies for water in ear

Try these home remedies for water in ear

. NOTE: You should only try home remedies when obstructions water outside the ear canal, if the blockage is in the middle ear should seek immediate medical help

The use of home remedies for water in the ear it is very common and does not require too much too. You can get water by using different positions postures / or with the help of elements that are easily available at home body.

1. Incline and let gravity work

while standing

Tilt sideways to your ear affected is parallel to the ground

Keep in this position until the liquid evacuates the ear.

The water is drained naturally due to the effect of gravity pull

while lying

Lie down with the affected ear toward the surface on which you lie . Let gravity work, you can also feel better with a pillow if you find it difficult to lie on a flat surface.

You need to stay in this position for a while and allow gravity to pull and drain the water out of your ear.

2. Blow dry but not too hot

According to doctors Books of home remedies you can remove moisture in your ears using a hair dryer . Keep the dryer at least 18-20 inches away from your ear canal.

Do not use hot air setting, choose modes hot or cold air.

Let the blow dryer for 30 seconds to allow the moisture is removed, since moisture conditions are a favorite of bacteria and fungi tested.

3. Test Kitchen remedy to remove water from ear

The water in the ear can be drained out of the ear or you can try to dry moisture with a drying agent such as alcohol and white vinegar

  • Take equal parts of white vinegar and alcohol and make a solution.
  • Filling an ear dropper with this solution
  • inclination on the opposite side of the affected ear and put a few drops of this drop ear homemade. Let it go into the ear canal.
  • Now tilt the side of the affected ear to the offended ear faces the ground, remain in this position until the solution exits the ear.

4. Take an over-the-Counter Remedy

All most all pharmacies will take some ear drops for ear comfort swimmer.

You can take help of an adult to put the drops, and be in the position in which the affected ear toward the floor.

Remember to read the instructions for use and dosage indicated on the package before using any OTC product.

5. Consult a physician

If nothing helps and you feel your pain is increasing there is a great probability that you are heading to a condition called swimmer’s ear . Get professional advice at the earliest if home remedies do not seem to be working for you

is an infection in the outer ear canal and usually is caused by bacteria. The remaining water in the ear after activities such as swimming or bathing provide a moist environment ideal for bacteria to grow.

This infection also known as swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), if it is suspected that this has been ear infection you should immediately seek doctor’s help because it can worsen if left untreated.

Wikihow explains the methods to remove fluid from ear with illustrations Read more

Early treatment will prevent complications and alleviate pain fast and cure the infection before FLAIRS above.

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