5 habits to avoid looking tired in office

Who does not like to come to the office every day fresh with a grin on his face. However, personal issues and health problems often make us gloomy, lethargic and not interested in the job. However, adjusting our lifestyle and simply following some of these health tips can come a long way in fresh and active appearance.

breakfast 1.No

Skipping breakfast will not leave you lethargic and sleepy too. You need more than coffee or tea in the morning. Fever caffeine from coffee will keep better but will not satisfy your need for breakfast. This will make them sleep earlier in the day, it will affect your productivity. So breakfast prioritize improve their concentration. Avoid sugary foods for breakfast.

2.Unorganized tourist

not stacked on his desk with files and organize folders. Organizing your desk creates a great impact on the activity of your workday. Keep stationary in one place and clean your desk. Do not leave food on the table and clean the remaining crumbs or drops of the drink drank. This can create a lot of positive vibes in their work.

3.Compromising sleep

Early to bed and yet up late at night? This is very bad for your health. Surfing the web strains the eyes and keep busy. This makes you stay awake longer and sleep less. Not to prioritize work on sleep. Staying healthy and sleep well to be productive throughout the day.

4.Incorrect sitting posture

Do not lean forward or rest in his arms on the chair and leaning on his elbows. Sit pushing his bottom at the rear end of the chair. Keep your feet flat or use a small stool fat for your feet. The position to be sitting should be around 120-130 degrees, not 90. incorrect sitting can make you fall asleep, develop back pain, neck pain or a hump.

5.Not drink enough water

Even if you are slightly dehydrated your energy levels remain low. It reduces blood volume and makes the blood thick. This makes less your heart pump by reducing the rate of oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles and other organs.

Snehal Mathias

Snehal Mathias

Snehal Mathias, a lover of food and enthusiastic traveler. Write for entertainment, food, travel, fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle.

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