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Having a cold or flu is never fun, and running over the counter medications is not always everyone's first choice. Here are some home remedies you can try before taking the pills.

Stay hydrated

Try to avoid anything that can make dehydration worse, such as coffee, alcohol, or caffeinated soft drinks. Stay hydrated with water, fresh juices or even warm water with lemon and honey, which can help break / loosen congestion. Soups are also great for helping with hydration, but avoid heavy soups with lots of cream or dairy products. Phlegm in the back of the throat can get thicker with milk products, which causes more irritation. Go for the soups with a clear broth.


While we sometimes feel that rest has become a thing of the past, when you have a busy lifestyle, taking care of yourself should be your first priority. Taking the time to rest when you feel sick is essential for a quick recovery. Not resting and continuing with normal life can make the cold or the flu go on.


The health benefits of this root have been known for centuries and will be known for centuries to come. Recent studies have shown that ginger can prevent the nausea that usually accompanies any type of influenza. Ginger is also ideal for soothing cough or sore throat. Boil some slices in hot water and drink it like a tea. You will feel the results almost instantly. If you want more information about ginger (Dani, I put this in), visit our Facebook page to watch videos and more. (@healthplusthemag)


Probiotics are live microorganisms intended to provide health benefits when consumed. Although they are generally used to improve intestinal health, probiotics can also improve your immune system.

Hot baths

Steam showers can help you open your nostrils when you feel congested and can even calm it down. Try steaming too: take a hot shower and sit in a nearby chair, this can help clean your nostrils and make it easier to rest without feeling congested.


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