5 Best Post Pregnancy Belts In India

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The use of post pregnancy belt after delivery is not a new concept, an age-old practice and has performed in several countries, including India. What makes the whole concept is refreshing and new developments natal belt of a normal cloth to a binder highly aesthetic and ergonomic design belly post.

The cloth bonding technique used traditionally uses a standard cotton cloth or even a sari to bind the belly. However, for the present day women, the scenario has changed, they have a wide range of options to choose from. There are plenty of international brands and indigenous belt serving as pregnancy market.

The dilemma here is how to choose the best Post Pregnancy belt that proves to be the best buy and an effective product that serves the purpose well.

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Things to consider when buying a pregnancy belt post

These are not guidelines, these are the things that I considered while choosing an abdominal binder after giving birth to me. Every woman is different and so are priorities, but there are some points that are common to all for what is considered view of my

  • Comfort :. The strap should be comfortable to wear, should not cause harm or pain or itching
  • Design: Must have high coverage, so no pop or bulging
  • Strecheability.: . The belt material must be extensible to some extent so as to provide a proper fit and is neither too loose nor too tight
  • skin-friendly: This means that your skin should feel happy with the belt . The material should be breathable so that it can cope with perspiration. It should be soft and smooth feel, as it can lead directly to the skin as well.

1. Tynor tummy or abdominal Belt

features tummy Tynor

  • perfect elasticity
  • breathable materials
  • Dermophillic
  • without turning, without buckling

This belt provides optimum muscle compression and restores the state before pregnancy. It can be used after a cesarean section and normal delivery. The product comes in various sizes ranging from small to XXL. It rests with reefs special nylon belt that prevent tip over. The price of this product changes with size, but its economic and affordable aspects Can Buy Here

2 . Mee Mee Post-Natal maternity Support corset Belt

MeeMee is a well known brand in the segment of baby care. Now they have released their range of maternity maintaining its level.

  • convenient, safe,
  • skin-friendly Recommended for postpartum use.
  • provides compression and support to help the abdomen
  • muscles and improve strength gain.
  • Reduce the size measurement abdomen.

The belt is well ventilated and therefore is pleasing to the skin. It aims to provide support to weakened abdomen and back muscles.Provides compression and support to help improve your abdominal muscles and gain strength. Reduces the size measurement abdomen. The product is washable and therefore its hygiene.

Can buy here

3. Wonder Care-abdominal binder tummy belt ad Pregnancy Support waist

The brand boasts on its aesthetic appearance. It is a three-layered product with a bright patch on the front.

The belt Wonder Care is built mainly with elastic and therefore is stretchable means proper fit and also provide the compression of the abdominal muscles.

The highlight of the brand is that they have the same price for all sizes unlike five Tynor loads differently for different sizes. Whether you buy small or XXL size, you will have to pay the same price. It is quite affordable and is available only online at Rs.379.00, which is far from expensive.

If you want to buy online Order Here it

4. Belly Bandit belly wrap

Yes, the super luxury n bandit belly is now available in India. The belt is elegant and made with a soft cloth. which is the only belt in India that comes with wearing a printed fabric designer look.

Post belly warm belt Maternity Kourtney Brown is strechable and comfortable pregnancy.
belly bandit india

The product is expensive because its an internationally renowned brand price has to match your standards. If it is affordable for you Buy here .

5. Great abdominal support belt Post delivery

This is the famous house of Vissco. They have carved a niche for themselves in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation and surgical products. This lap belt is ment to support the abdominal muscles weakened post delivery, it is even more effective in the post-operative care.
The film is made of a woven cotton knit with holes that allow the skin pores to breathe.

The price of this product is affordable and worth the price. You can buy the belt here

In order to reduce the size of the abdomen after childbirth, women are willing to try almost everything that comes way. Abdominal binders are a simple way to get the belly after pregnancy. In the same position prenatal yoga and exercise time it should also be considered to accelerate the recovery journey postpartum.

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