5 best free workouts you can do daily

No matter how much it hurts, you can not deny that the development is good for your health. There are a lot of benefits of exercise, ie, increased strength and energy, reducing stress levels, improve immunity, disease prevention, body stay fit and help look more young.


Despite knowing the advantages, most of us do not take seriously the exercise. Busy schedules, expensive gyms and lack of initiative alien urban population make this basic need lifestyle. And, in turn, increased visits to doctors near you .

Keeping up with daily health routine does not have to be time consuming or rip your pocket. Being fit demands discipline and most importantly, their determination.

Save the trip to a gym and exercise at your own convenience with these five simple and practical exercises. Access to some of them and see for yourself!

Brisk walking

Walking is innate to human beings. brisk walking improves fitness, reduces fat and improves heart health and avoids the risk of diabetes. Just walking for 30 minutes at a faster pace every day can stay healthy and plentiful. Who would have thought that such habitual activity could be so good for our health and maintain medical away? You not even need a dietitian if you walk into a regular habit.


The operation is as good for the mind and the body. Either with an iPod or just listen and observe the wonders of nature, running is the safest way for your overall fitness. Besides burning calories, but also strengthens muscles, it improves cardiovascular fitness and relieves stress.

Start with 5-10 minutes of running, including intervals of jogging in the middle and keep ramping up 2 minutes each day. So, grab your shoes and hit the road. Avoid all future needs of Bariatrician cardiologists dietitian and others medical .


This fun and simple exercise that your child will remember. As simple as it seems, the omission is a high intensity workout that helps burn more calories in less time than even running. And that’s not all, helps improve the omission of heart rate and blood pressure, increases flexibility and improves balance. Jumping rope puts less stress on the knees than running.


Bicycling is perfect for exploring the paths and nature. Not only a great recreational activity, cycling also serves the purpose of rigorous training. Good for good physical and mental condition, the benefits of regular cycling are many. Cycling avoids the risk of heart disease, reduces stress, strengthens joints and bones, burns fat and increases strength. Suitable for all age groups, you can ride with your family or friends.


Swimming is a full body workout that not only maintain body weight, but also help build strength. Movement for each body part improves flexibility and can be done without putting the burden on the body. It is the best way to tone and strengthen muscles and loosen stiff muscles and joints.

Get ready for a refreshing swim and a great body!

Most of these practices can be made in nature and does not need any fancy equipment. All it requires is you!

The workouts are also good for people with heart disease or diabetes. But starters must go slow at first and not overdo any activity. Start with 20 minutes a day, and keep adding more time.

Regular exercise with proper diet plan can do wonders for your health. You can chart a diet plan with the help of a dietitian or nutritionist, or even a general practitioner that fits your body and medical condition. If you have any problems or significant changes after exercise for a few days, consult your doctor.

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