5 Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

5 Benefits of an Alkaline Diet Posted by Daily Health Alerts in Health women

Some believe that the human diet, especially Western / US, creates a systemic environment that is too acidic. This may be plausible given the fact that in a laboratory setting an acidic environment is more hospitable to certain diseases that thrive in. However, many have refuted the claim that you can change the pH level of the blood (approximately 7.35-7.45) and if their bodies could, mainly in the lungs and kidneys, could detect this and there would be an attempt to return to homeostasis (normal operation).

Proponents believe that the alkaline diet is not intended to change the pH of the blood. It is believed that this diet helps the body in regulating a healthy pH level something, they argue, that an acidic diet can prevent. This observational study is showing positive results.

a diet of this type would be more of a personal experiment rather than evidence based on science. If you try these 5 benefits of an alkaline diet and feel better, maybe even better lab results, then your personal experiment could become their evidence based on personal knowledge. Bam!

Sniffle Less

There are many strains and symptoms of the common cold, but in general, is a virus that can easily infiltrate your body and really disturbing (but rare once they are life-threatening).

An acidic diet can decrease the production of good bacteria your immune system, weakening their full defensive capabilities. For consumption-based foods more alkaline your intestinal flora can flourish and rebalance their environment, which is essential for a strong immune system. Some alkaline foods also act as prebiotics that signal the brain to make more probiotics (good bacteria).

Bone Strength

Some theories suggest that the loss of calcium from bones, a major contributor to osteoporosis, may be due to a dominant acidic environment.

Shape magazine reports that

“The main fear regarding an acidic diet is bone loss due to your body’s release of minerals from the bones in order to optimize the pH of his body, but this has yet to be tested in human clinical trials. ”


“A study published in the January issue 1992 of the International calcified journal Tissue found that the incidence of hip fractures in older women in proportion to the intake of acid from animal protein. intake of plant foods tends to have a protective effect against hip fracture. “(Live energized)

hold Muscle Mass

as you age may notice the weaker and less resistant muscles. Instead of writing this as collateral damage due to years accumulated, why not change your diet to see if it is as simple as a solution.

Three sources corroborates the potential for compromise musculature due to a systemic acid environment. According to reports published in the metabolism of minerals and electrolytes (1996), Journal of Clinical February Research (1986) and Clinical Science (May 1991),

“The chronic, progressive metabolic acidosis aging has been shown to cause muscle breakdown and loss of protein in the urine. ”

remaining as alkaline as possible could reverse muscle degeneration and increase protein absorption in a short period of time.

Cancer Prevention

In 1956, Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel, Prize published his study of the effects of alkaline and acidic environments on the growth of cancer cells The science.

The study focused on cancer cells and normal cells cultures being exposed to both environments. What was found was that in high-low acidic oxygen, cancer cells thrived while in oxygen, alkaline normal cells and cancer cells thrived asphyxiated.

This is not a cure for cancer, but many believe that if you maintain an alkaline diet may be able to cause the body alkaline homeostasis that might prevent or even stop the recurrence of cancer.

reduces inflammation

Most alkaline foods also contain anti-inflammatory properties, while acidic foods can prevent such healing. Some alkalizing, anti-inflammatory foods include:

  • avocado
  • Tofu
  • apple cider vinegar
  • Almonds
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • nder
  • dark green leafy vegetables (kale, kale, etc.)
  • banana
  • coco

do not continue to poison himself with acidic foods, processed you can only do harm to your body, mind and health overall optimum. Give these 5 benefits of an alkaline diet a try to see if they feel like at the end if you are on top of their game.

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