5 Bad Things Are Caused By Microwaves. You Had No Idea Of This!

Taking the refrigerator frozen foods, read the cooking instructions on the label and put it in the microwave is common for us right? A meal in a few minutes! As Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation reported more than 95% of Americans use this oven.

This food can not be horrible, but the cooking method is not good! This furnace removes all the good things about the food and leaves you with a lot of non-nutritional things to eat. If more health threat?

5 Bad Things Are Caused By Microwaves. You Had No Idea Of This!

Less nutrition

Heating this food is stripped of all good things. It is basically dead food. Dr. Joseph Mercola M. said these furnaces do no good. Water molecules rotate faster and this changes the food.

Mala breast milk and no vitamin B12


All the benefits of vitamin B12. An article published in the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published the B12 is lost in the beef, pork and milk, when cooked this way. 30-40% of the vitamins are lost after the microwave. Vitamin even changes in useless and idle.

In addition, the quality of breast milk changes as well. The journal Pediatrics examined this case in nurseries. 22 human milk samples were tested for lysozyme and antibodies processes. They were heated for 30 seconds. This milk had more E. coli in it, 18 times more than milk unheated. Even at low temperature it was decreased lysozyme and bad bacteria increased.

chemical carcinogens

If food is microwavable plastic, is even worse. Some Russian and German researchers showed that this is also bad. These foods have chemicals like BPA, polyethylene terpthalate PET, toluene, benzene, xylene, according Foodbabe.com. these plastic containers for heating release carcinogens.

blood changed

A Swiss study showed that people who ate microwaved foods also had worse blood analyzes. The result of the study showed that with such food, decrease and increase red white cells and cholesterol as well.

Rates of change of heart

Our bodies are low impact due to radiation of 2.4 GHz microwave. Dr. Magda Havas Trent University said radiation impacts the heart rate and its variability. Such levels are still safe, but can make drastic changes and the effects on the heart. If faced with strange heart beats, chest pain or the like, stop eating this meal and see a doctor.

Source and image source: simplecapacity.com

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