5 Amazing Things That Your Brain Does While You Sleep

Sleep is an activity that is very important for the health and general welfare of all . Interestingly we spent a quarter of our lives in sleep, but never explained why we sleep.

we know that we are energized after sleep and sleep improves our mood, but what exactly happens in the brain while relaxing?

as it seems, when we sleep our brain is doing anything but sleep.

This is what happens in our head during sleep:

1. Make decisions

recent research showed that the brain processes information and prepares for action during sleep, effectively acting while he was unconscious. This is a recent study in the journal “Current Biology”, which showed that the brain is stimulated during sleep and uses the information that is available to make a decision while awake.

2. Create and store MEMORIES

During sleep the form new memories brain, feeds those old ties and new with some old memories.

3. Makes a creative links

During sleep the brain creates some new links and also connects the seemingly distant connections that lead to ideas completely new.

4. TOXINS clears

A number of studies have been conducted in 2013 showed that the sleeping brain is like cleaning the house. Researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that damaged molecules in the brain are being cleaned during sleep.

5. Learn and remember to perform mental tasks

The brain stores information in long-term memory during sleep intervals send strong brain frequencies. This process is especially important for our motor skills such as driving, holding a tennis racket or practicing dance steps.

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