4 Ways to Get Rid of Warts


Many people have problems with warts. They look horrible and we are intruding on the activities of daily life. Now let’s represent several home remedies that will help get rid of warts.

1. Tea celandine

Put 40 grams of celandine in boiling water and boil for a few minutes. After the tea cools, the wart (s) is washed. Repeat this procedure from 6 to 8 days and the wart will disappear.

2. Soap Sud

Wash your hands with soap and then rub the wart with foam. Leaves little foam on the surface and let dry. The wart will disappear within 10 days.

3. Fig Milk

fig Apply milk on the surface over the wart and let dry. Repeat this procedure every night, but be careful not to let the wart to dry completely.

4. Fresh liver

Lazo fresh liver on the wart and let it sit there for the rest of the day.

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