4 Things You’re Doing Wrong During Cold Season

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The average adult is reduced the common cold two or three times a year and the kids get so more often.

There are a lot of things we do at this time of year when, unbeknownst to us, make it easier for cold viruses spread.

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Colds everywhere in the winter as we spent more time in cramped quarters – buses, classrooms, changing rooms hockey, sofas and ski chalets – and less time out. Viruses pass from the hands of others, and the air after a sneeze or cough. It is not always easy when the weather is very cool, but preventing cold can be as easy as choosing to go for a walk instead of going to a movie theater. When you can not avoid close, give those hands a good wash with soap and water.


Catching a chill after a long day at low temperatures does not lead to a cold – Colds are caused by viruses.If there It got really cold that can depress the immune system and if you are exposed to a cold virus at this time, you can catch more easily. When you go outside this time of year, dress in layers, choosing natural fabrics or those designed for sports use, to keep you comfortable, warm and dry. This will not only help prevent a cold, but is likely to stay out and exercise (which is great for your immune system) and enjoy the fresh air outdoors where viruses have difficulties to spread.

sneezing and coughing badly

Let’s be clear: it is good for sneezing and coughing, and a normal part of life. But sneeze or cough into your hands you up for virus to others. Children in school now are taught to use the inside of your elbow. Not enough depth between all adults, but it really works to help contain the cold virus and keep your hands a little cleaner, and touching surfaces others, food and more. Extra tip:. Avoid touching your face too often because it is an effective way to get a virus from your hands into your body through proximity to the mouth and nose

No quarantine

When someone in the house and have a cold, they often forget some of the work – besides getting well – the virus is contained. “Hand washing is important. So is the privacy of your towel and washcloth and not sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses. It’s a drag, especially at the top of caregiving, but does not have to be extra washing . linens, surfaces and hands Keeping a sick home from work or school goes without saying; in fact, the first signs of the disease, the patient-to-be should go home


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