4 Of The Most Harmful Things You Enter In The Organism!


Of course, foods containing trans -. Fat taste great and are long lasting, but are more than bad for your health in a variety of ways, including increased levels of bad cholesterol and increase inflammatory processes in the body

also known as “trans – fatty acids” or “partially hydrogenated oil”, trans fats are produced by the addition of vegetable oils hydrogen ie the hydrogenation process, and can be found in an impressive number of foods.

  1. Margarine

    Margarine, solid vegetable oil, was very popular in the sixties and seventies, was considered much healthier than butter alternative. However, in order to maintain a solid form, most margarine during production are going through the hydrogenation process. If you consume margarine in solid form, it is likely to introduce large amounts of trans fats as much as two grams per spoon.

  1. Merchant bakery products

Since cookies, cakes, rolls to cakes, bakery products are irresistible shopping in a large number of the world’s population. Unfortunately, almost all such products, especially snacks, fast foods and processed contain trans fats. Why? However, then pay attention because most likely the ingredients list “partially hydrogenated oil” is.

  1. Fried foods

Especially one can find in most restaurants. Most restaurants prefer partially hydrogenated oils. Why?

  1. Bleach coffee

    If you think you made a good choice to be replaced by milk for coffee whitener powder, think again: a small manufacturer of bleach is known source of trans fats. Although some manufacturers claim their products contain 0 grams of trans fats in the top of the list of the most common ingredients partially hydrogenated oil is.

Source: http://www.vestinet.rs/zdravlje-2/4-najstetnije-stvari-koje-mozete-uneti-u-organizam

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