4-Ingredient Beverages to Drink Every Morning and Night for Accelerated Weight Loss

What if there was an easy makeup to drink that could swallow every morning and every night which would help you shed pounds? It seems obvious, right? Definitely I would want to be traipsing down that drink every morning and night until it had achieved its goal of weight loss.

Now, we want to make clear at this point that this is not a diet pill or chemical drinks. These can be quite dangerous. We’ve all heard about class action lawsuits against the makers of popular diet pills. It is much smarter to be more measured and cautious in what types of diet drinks you are consuming. If you can make an all-natural self, that’s much better.


Let’s look at a four-ingredient drink you can drink every morning and night will help you lose weight – without effort! It is necessary that many useful things on your side as possible if you are trying to lose weight, because weight loss is very hard!

Green juice tea Granada-pineapple-lemon

This is a great combination, because it has a lot of antioxidants, both tea green and juice Granada. In fact, even Granada has more antioxidants than green tea not, and that’s saying something because green tea is the king of antioxidants.

pineapple makes it sweeter and gives you some pretty amazing lemon vitamins and then increases your metabolism for maximum weight loss, and that gives an extra flavor kick.

Green Juice

You’ve probably heard of juicing, but if you have not Juice is the miracle cure when it comes to weight loss. You can combine virtually any four leafy vegetables to make some green juice, but if you need a suggestion on what to put in the blender try a kale-spinach-avocado and lemon combination.

You can add lettuce, cucumber, kale and more to stay hydrated, increase your metabolism and give your body the low calories you need to lose weight, while still giving you all the nutrients you need.

The Dream of Water Diet

This is not necessarily a combination of four vegetable or fruit, but it should be around three to four vegetables. What is done is simply soak vegetables in water for 30-45 minutes and then drink the water.

This might not seem to be very tasty and very healthy, but the truth is that they have a bad taste, depending on what vegetables you choose and is definitely good for you. You are getting many of the nutrients that vegetables provide.

Apple Juice-Orange Juice-Grapefruit Juice – Water

This is a great recipe juice hydration and gives you some much needed antioxidants and most importantly which gives you even more water to increase your metabolism and make you feel fuller. The trick of this recipe is to use only some of the juice and dilute with lots of water. great tasting juice that will give some major hydration is obtained.

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