30 Tips How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker And Darker Naturally

Every woman wants to have thick eyebrows, which can improve our face look because people believe that thin eyebrows they will make you seem to be boring and old. Many people accidentally make thinner eyebrows because waxing, threading or plucking. Sometimes the look of the eyebrow can reveal aging and poor nutrition. In order to help more people thick eyebrows at home, VKool.com has issued a letter of 30 best tricks and tips on how to make their thick, dark eyebrows naturally. Read on to learn thoroughly and get the difference.

How to make your thick, dark eyebrows Naturally

1. Hibiscus

how to make your eyebrows thicker - hibiscus

hibiscus flower extract has also been shown to enhance the growth of thick hair quickly. So how to make thick, dark eyebrows with hibiscus? First, take a mortar and then add in some hibiscus flower. Then grind the flower to make a thin paste consistency and apply the paste of hibiscus flower in her eyebrows. After this, wash the paste with warm water after 25-30 minutes and pat your skin dry. Repeat the process once a day for thicker eyebrows.

2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil helps unclog pores and nourishes the hair follicles. Click to Tweet This will make your eyebrows grow fast. All you have to do is take a couple of drops of jojoba oil and massage eyebrows. Keep all night and in the morning, wash your face as it is. This procedure must be repeated daily for best results.

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3. Flaxseed oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker - flaxseed oil

Want to know an effective and simple way to getting thicker eyebrows? Then you can try this treatment of flaxseed oil for better and thick eyebrows. Flaxseed oil has essential fatty acid that is very beneficial to get the thick, dark eyebrows. To use the oil to get thick eyebrows, you need to dip a clean cotton swab in ½ teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Then apply this solution on the eyebrows and let this application of oil overnight for best results. Wash the oil with hot water the next day and finally pat the skin dry. To achieve soon the thick eyebrows, you must repeat this process once a day.

4. Macadamia Oil

Many women recommend using macadamia nut oil for thicker eyebrows. In particular, it helps moisturize the hair of the eyebrows and the underlying skin. First, ¼ teaspoon of macadamia nut oil is heated with a warm temperature and then soak a clean cotton in this oil warm macadamia nut. Then apply it on your eyebrows and keep applying oil overnight. Oil wash with warm water and mild cleaner the next day. Follow this advice once a day to get thicker and long eyebrows.

5. Linseed oil and sweet almond oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker - linseed oil and sweet almond oil

A combination of flaxseed oil and sweet almond oil is a great treatment that many people say is a useful means of thickening and strengthening eyebrows. All you have to do is give a mixture of linseed oil and sweet almond massage eyebrows every night before bedtime. This remedy will promote the growth of thick and full eyebrows, strengthening and conditioning them.

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6. Extra virgin olive oil and onion juice

olive oil nourish and condition the eyebrows, promoting faster growth, while onion juice comes with sulfur, which helps the body to release collagen needed for the growth of healthy eyebrow. First, it takes an onion and extract juice. Later mixed with a little oil and then rub it on the eyebrows. Rinse with water after 10-15 minutes. This process will promote hair growth and stimulate hair follicles.

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7. sesame seed oil and Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great remedy on how to make their thick, dark eyebrows naturally. Aloe vera hair follicles nourish and help to make eyebrows grow back faster. Mix equal parts of gel and seed oil pure sesame aloe vera and apply to the eyebrows. Then rinse after about twenty minutes.

8. milk, oil, rose hip seed, and honey

how to make your eyebrows thicker - milk, rose hip seed oil, and honey

As you know, the mixture of honey and milk makes a facemask impressive refreshing. But do you know that is a great nutritional remedy, natural for thinning eyebrows too? Simply, just massage a little honey and milk mixture eyebrows; You can work its wonders for around 15 minutes. Finally, rinse and follow up with the application of a little oil seed rose hip eyebrows before going to bed. his hairs were fed and promote thicker growth.

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9. Almond oil

almond oil also nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth because it is rich in vitamins a, B and E. the almond is a common allergen. If you are allergic to it, it can lead to a number of problems, such as itching, swelling, and respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. You need to massage a little almond oil in a circular motion in their eyebrows. Leave on overnight and in the morning, wash it. It is suggested to apply every day for best results.

10. Yolk and avocado oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker - egg yolk and avocado oil

The presence of monounsaturated fats, vitamins, protein, potassium, and and other minerals in avocado make it a super food for the skin and hair as well. The hair is composed primarily of a protein called keratin and egg yolks are an inexhaustible source of protein. Therefore, this is an excellent treatment on how to make your eyebrows thicker. For this, you beat one egg yolk and add 1 teaspoon of avocado oil to it. From then apply it to the eyebrows. Finally, wash after fifteen minutes. Later reapply avocado oil and keep it overnight. This method should be repeated every two days during a month. This will help eyebrows grow back, strong and thick.

11. Rosemary Essential Oil

In the book of Julia Lawless’ “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils”, which lists some of the properties found in rosemary oil as a stimulant, tonic, antiseptic, tonic, carminative, digestive, antioxidant, analgesic, antimicrobial and astringent as well. The oil has been found to help with hair growth. For the use of rosemary essential oil for thicker eyebrows, a few drops of rosemary oil with olive oil or jojoba oil and massage gently eyebrows are added to this mixture and leave overnight. In the morning, wash with a facelift. This can be used daily or every other day.

12. Unscented

how to make your eyebrows thicker - lavender essential oil

Research has indicated that lavender oil helps with hair growth. For this purpose, it adds a little lavender essential oil with olive oil or jojoba. Later massage your eyebrows with this mixture. Leave on overnight and, finally wash using a mild face wash. This method should be done every day for faster results.

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13. Curry leaves

curry leaves are an inexhaustible source of beta-carotene and protein. Beta-carotene can prevent hair loss, while proteins help in preventing hair loss. Therefore, leaves help in promoting hair growth. Shred curry leaves at first and then soak in hot water (one cup) for a few hours. Then strain the leaves and apply it to your eyebrows. Keep it on overnight and in the morning, rinse. the use of this remedy is recommended regularly, 3-4 times a week.

14. Vaseline

how to make your eyebrows thicker - petroleum jelly

Vaseline is also the best remedy on how to make your eyebrows thicker naturally. Its use makes long and thick eyebrows. In addition, it moisturizes and conditions eyebrows and restricts them from getting bored and dry, keeping your eyebrows straight and firm. First, a cotton cloth used to clean eyebrows. Then apply a little Vaseline on the eyebrows about 2-3 times a day. Follow this method for 1 month to get positive results.

15. Rosewater


If you are worrying about how to make your faster thick and naturally, pink eyebrows will be a great solution for you. Rose water can also be used to address the problem of light and thin eyebrows. Nature has cooling and hydration that will give you a very relaxing effect for eyebrows and hair thickening too. On the other hand, rose water can remove bags under the eyes as well. All you need to do is take rosewater (about ½ cup) and add ½ lemon juice in it. To make this more efficient mixing, you can add 1 teaspoon honey. Stir the mixture well and apply it on your eyebrows. Finally, rinse your face after half an hour. For thick eyebrows and hydrated, follow this advice daily.

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16. Exfoliate

usually, skin exfoliation can help overcome many of the problems associated with hair and skin. The process of exfoliation helps remove dead skin and dirt. This dramatic eye makeup help her eyebrows thicker and faster are made. Exfoliating also helps get rid of dead skin and increases blood circulation in the brain and eyes making better and clearer vision. Just only you need to take a pinch of baking soda and salt, mix together. Later take a baby brush and currently apply the mixture on the bristles. Exfoliate your eyebrows using this brush in circular motion. Remember to avoid hard scrubbing eyebrows, since they can damage the skin. Remember to maintain the minimum pressure and stimulate your cell process and helps hair grow thicker and faster.

Additional tips:

  1. is necessary to prepare sesame oil (2 tablespoons), lemon juice freshly squeezed (1/2 teaspoon) and rosemary essential oil (5 to 6 drops). Just mix well and then apply to your eyebrows by using a clean cotton ball. Finally, wash once dried and do it twice a day.
  2. in a small glass bottle, pour pure coconut oil (4 tablespoons) fresh lemon juice (1 tsp) fresh lemon juice (2 tsp) oil and tea tree (2 tsp ). Then close the lid tightly and give it a decent shake. After that, use a cotton ball to detect eyebrows. Finally, rinse with tap water after 30 minutes.

17. Castor oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Castor oil is highly recommended in forms growth of eyebrows. This oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins that can stimulate the improvement of the eyebrow. Specifically, a cotton ball soaked in castor oil and apply on eyebrows. Massage for a few minutes and left for 30 minutes or overnight. Then rinse with warm water. You must make this choice every day and see improvement after a few weeks. If burning or irritation, stop using it.

18. Drinking water

how to make your eyebrows thicker

potable water is necessary routine to be performed must-do. Figuring out how to make their thick, dark eyebrows, should not be lazy to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This daily routine not only helps you have beautiful eyebrows but also helps prevent disease, eliminate toxins from the body, the support urinate better.

19. Sleep Well

how to make your eyebrows thicker

sleep is very important in the growth of hair and eyebrows as well as disease prevention high pressure, etc, and improving their health. Make sure you sleep at least 6 hours every night if you want to learn how to make your eyebrows thicker.

20. Coconut oil

how to make your eyebrows thicker

How to make your thick, dark eyebrows naturally ? I would submit valuable oil – coconut oil . This is an excellent natural oil that is rich in iron, vitamin E, protein to dramatically improve their eyebrows. Coconut oil helps reduce the loss of protein and makes stronger eyebrows. The oil comes with lauric acid, which acts as an anti-microbial inhibiting infection of hair follicles agent. Above all, this inhibits further damage to the eyebrows and promotes grow faster. Simply, you can apply drops of warm coconut oil on the eyebrows, massage for a few minutes and left overnight. Then rinse with warm water in the morning. You should do every day to get the best result.

Olive oil 21.

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Along with other types of natural oil, olive oil also it is commonly used in beauty tips today. Vitamins A and E in olive oil helps hair growth. Vitamin A promotes the production of sebum, the natural oil of your body, which helps with hair growth, while vitamin E helps nourish every strand of hair. If you are wondering how to make your home more thick, olive eyebrows is a great option for you. You can massage your eyebrows with drops of olive oil for a few minutes before going to sleep. Rinse with water in the morning. You can mix honey and olive oil and massage the mixture eyebrows for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

22. Onion juice

how to make your eyebrows thicker

onion not only improves your health, but its juice is high sulfur, collagen and vitamins that can improve the growth of your eyebrow. Remove the onion juice and massage eyebrows for a few minutes. Dry naturally and rinse with cold water.

23. Yolk

how to make your eyebrows thicker

egg is rich in protein and be healthy hair and eyebrows. The egg is worth adding to the list of tips and tricks on how to make their thick, dark eyebrows. Break the egg and divide the white and yolk. Put the egg yolk eyebrows and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash with cold water. It can be applied this remedy twice a week to get the best efficiency.

24. fenugreek seeds

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Having thin eyebrows is almost a fear of women. They often wonder how to make their thick, dark eyebrows. In fact, you can take advantage of fenugreek seeds, which is rich in lecithin, nicotinic acid and protein to grow hair. First, fenugreek seed is soaked in water for 5 hours. Grind as a thick paste; add some almond oil or coconut oil and applying the mixture on eyebrows before bedtime. Wash with hot water in the morning. You can do this remedy 2-3 times a week.

25. Aloe Vera

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Aloe vera is useful source of enzymes and can help moisturize brows and make it thicker. You can extract juice from aloe vera and massage eyebrows for 30 minutes before washing with warm water. You can also mix aloe vera with coconut oil or honey and apply the mixture on the eyebrows for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

26. Lemon

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Obtaining tips and tricks on how to make their thick, dark eyebrows , can not be ignored lemon , which is a useful ingredient in beauty tips. Lemon is rich in nutrients, folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin C so it will be perfect eyebrows grow. You can apply lemon slices thin eyebrows for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can also combine coconut oil with lime slices and rub them eyebrows. Make sure to avoid sunlight for 2 hours after making the remedy.

27. Milk

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Milk is a nutritious food for your health and it is healthy for the growth of your eyebrow. You can dip a cotton ball in milk and apply on eyebrows. You make it to air dry and wash off with warm water. You must do it this way every day to get the best effect .

28. Vaseline

how to make your eyebrows thicker

In order to thicken and darken the eyebrows naturally , you should try to use Vaseline. Simply, you can take a small amount of Vaseline eyebrows and apply 2-3 times a day. Applying it for a month, will feel a positive change in their eyebrows not only the color but also firmness.

29. Vitamin E

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Vitamin E is not only good for the skin, but it is very nice to her eyebrows. You can apply vitamin E on eyebrows every day to get the best results.

30. Eat healthy foods

how to make your eyebrows thicker

Along with the above solutions to grow eyebrows, should take care of your eating lifestyle, specifically in relation more about healthy foods . You should avoid consumption of processed, canned food but consume more foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins, fatty acid omega-3, iron, etc., which are salmon, walnuts, avocados, lemons, papayas, carrots, sweet potatoes , vegetables, fruits, etc.

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After reading my letter of 30 best tips and tricks of how to make their thick, dark eyebrows naturally hope you have learned the proper way to beautify eyebrow. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below and I will respond promptly.

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