3 Ways To Kill Mold In Your Home Naturally

This article will give you 3 tricks that will help you get rid of mold and mildew, and most likely already you have one of these in your closet. Over the years, experts have found 3 natural ingredients that remove easily from the mold: tea tree oil, vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. Tea tree oil is an essential oil and can be found in almost all health food stores.

Of course, all methods mold killing has its own disadvantages but these three work perfectly. Both tea tree oil and grapefruit extract are quite expensive. The difference between these two is that the grapefruit seed extract is odorless, but extremely good both remove mold.

The only problem in relation to tea tree oil is that it has a very strong odor, but dissipates within a few days. grapefruit seed extract, on the other hand, it is also expensive, but has no smell. Vinegar is the cheapest product, but it is another product of strong odor.

Even if you are not allergic, mold can be dangerous for you and your health. Depression and fatigue are some common reactions to mold. In order to avoid this, make sure it is always “two steps ahead of him.”

dry wet items and rooms of the house, including your carpets and basement. Use dehumidifier for that purpose. In addition, repair leaks in the roof or in the pipeline. Make sure you clean each spillage. And last but not least, make sure the water does not go beyond their shower curtains.

treasure tea tree

This spray will remove any mold and mildew like no other natural ingredient. You can use this spray in your office moisture, the roof with mold caused by a leaky roof, mold your shower curtain or carpet. Tea tree oil could be costly, but at least it will solve your problem forever. It smells very strong, but it disappears in a few days.


  • tree oil Tea 2 teaspoons
  • 2 cups water

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the affected areas and their problem will soon disappear.

Extract grapefruit seed

Most people go for this option, instead of using the tea trea treasure.


  • 20 drops of extract of grapefruit seed
  • 2 cups of water

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the affected areas and ensure that not rinsed afterwards. You can use this combination as long as needed.

vinegar spray

pure vinegar can remove about 82% of the mold. Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray any moldy area. If you do not like the smell, you can always add a few drops of essential oil in it. This way you will get rid of the mold without being bothered by the smell.

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