3 Steps to reverse a slow metabolism naturally

Metabolism is very adaptable, however, he does not like to be petted. Unfortunately, toy metabolism every time you change your eating habits drastically; including things like go low carb, vegetarian, cut calories and other dietary manipulation techniques. Often, experimentation diet can last years and before you know it your stuck with a slow metabolism, can almost seem to gain weight just by looking at the food! So, what to do when this happens? Butter Nutrition has put everything on the investment of their metabolism slowed to diet, and can only be very useful for you!

“When your body decides to delay your metabolism is one thing: survival This is not your body trying! of conspiring against you and ruin your life. it’s your body making a wise decision to sacrifice the long-term health for short-term survival as they are being told to do so (usually through lack of food / nutrients )! the slowing of metabolism allows your body to go longer with less food. the body also tends to hold onto fat as a protective mechanism.

So if this is where you are today I . to tell you how to reverse their slower metabolism Knowing what habits to change is the most important place to start

Step 1: Identify the slow metabolism trigger:

    • not eat enough food
      To make a analogy they think of your body as a house . If you are not making enough money to pay your electric bill, what are you doing? Well, turn down the heat at home to compensate, and you can not turn on the lights so often or stop performing regular maintenance. The body works similarly. When there are not enough calories coming in, the body saves energy by reducing body temperature (slow metabolism), rejecting the digestive juices (making the weaker digestion), reducing the pulse, and slowing thyroid function (which It is resulting in less energy). This is an integrated survival by the body, to help you spend more time with less food response. And this is not a bad thing. It is actually a very good thing, because it will help keep alive in an emergency situation or hunger. “
    • do not eat enough carbohydrates
      carbohydrates are actually the macronutrient most important when it comes to metabolism (and macronutrients mean proteins, carbohydrates and fats ). All macronutrients are extremely important, and none ever should limit any intentionally. suitable carbohydrates in the diet is very important because the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone) depends on sufficient glucose (sugar) and stored (sugar) in the liver glycogen so you need regular carbohydrates to set the stage for that to happen

    STEP 2:.. SUPPORTING tHE TRIGGER slow metabolism with food

    once you have discovered the cause (s) that are contributing to their slow metabolism, it is time to make some changes. The longer you have had a slow metabolism, it causes more you are likely to encounter, and the longer it will take to turn it around.

    STEP 3: BE constant and patient

    Be patient with your body. You do not get a slow metabolism overnight, and recovery will not happen in a day, week, month, 6 months or even a year in some cases! Understand that your body is doing the best I can to rediscover the balance and homeostasis once.

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