3 Signs To Show Something Is Not Right With Your Menstrual Cycle

The surprises are common in women during the menstrual cycle. However, problems that indicate serious problems that should not be ignored and can immediately arise should visit a gynecologist.

Read bellow what signs indicate that something is wrong with your menstrual cycle.


is quite normal to change tampons every 3-5 hours. But if the rate of change increases at a time should visit a gynecologist immediately. During the menstrual cycle, it is normal for the first 2 days of bleeding have increased, but certainly should not exceed the usual amount.

Large amounts of alcohol, as well as increased physical activity can cause heavy bleeding.

Increased bleeding can cause fatigue, anemia and lack of energy.


Stress is the main reason for moving the cycle for a few days. Other causes are poor diet and sudden weight loss. However, if the menstrual cycle has not appeared for a few months have to go to a gynecologist.

The reasons for the lack of a period of months, despite the pregnancy, can be polycystic ovary syndrome -. A hormonal imbalance

This problem can lead to increased hair loss and sudden obesity, but it can be solved. Of course, you should inform your gynecologist.

3.strong cramps and pain

There is no woman who has not faced with severe pain in the lower abdomen and cramps during the first days of your period. These symptoms are something that can not be solved by drugs menstrual pain. However, if the pain is stronger every month and you can not function normally, like, get out of bed to go to school, college or work, then you may have endometriosis. This occurs when the glands, which grow mainly in the uterus spread to other regions, such as the ovaries. Repeated severe pain every month should not be ignored, because it can cause serious problems. Visit a gynecologist!

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