3 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Never Put Heinz Ketchup on Your Food Again

The ketchup is in most kitchens in the US . with fries, pizza, hamburgers, eggs and bacon, chicken and pasta, to name just a few, all “improved” with a nice big spoonful of Heinz tomato sauce.

It is possible you want to read the nutritional information before tightening these things in your barbecue. Be ready to shoot his contaminated dish. So instantly you feel sick!

Why you should never eat Heinz ketchup Again

time to ruin the tomato sauce for you forever. Turn the bottle more. You will see the following list of ingredients:

  • tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes
  • distilled vinegar
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • corn syrup
  • Sal
  • Spices
  • onion powder
  • natural flavoring

That alone does not sound good. Note that these labels are formatted in order from most to least, so it is not the “tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes’ more and less” natural flavoring. “Or so it seems …

did not fell like Heinz are trying very hard (and failing) to sound their healthier than it is product. ‘Concentrated ripe red tomatoes Tomato’ is a nice way of saying ‘processed tomatoes that have lost their nutritional value, but let’s make it sound good through the establishment of’ Red ripe. ‘They are based on ignorance and impunity of its consumers.

They want you to think that “corn syrup” is a healthy alternative ‘corn syrup high fructose. ” In fact, they are the same thing … high fructose corn syrup.

This is a little sneaky trick. As the population is increasingly aware of the importance of order on product labels, the same ingredient separated with two names.

The list may appear like this if you do not do this:

  • corn syrup high fructose
  • tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes
  • distilled vinegar
  • Sal
  • Spices
  • onion powder
  • natural flavoring

Nobody would buy a condiment that is mostly corn syrup! At least, no one who knows how bad corn syrup is for you.

As for salt, Heinz uses the cheapest type of salt that causes toxicity in the blood, high blood pressure and mineral imbalance if consumed too often.

“natural flavoring ‘… sorry, what ?!

Just a spoonful of tomato sauce provides 7% of their sugar intake and a large part of your daily sodium. Remember, this is just a tablespoon of seasoning! Who uses just one tablespoon of ketchup on your hamburger? And the consequences numbers add up quickly!

three scientific to stop eating tomato sauce reasons

1. the high fructose corn syrup

This is the main ingredient. Did you know that health is extremely toxic one know?

it is derived from genetically modified maize. This syrup rapidly increases levels of blood sugar and damage the liver over time. It can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, weakened immune system, and much more!

A researcher from the FDA has come to prevent barrel sample of corn syrup producers making a new beverage company for a barrel contacted. After the test, he found it high fructose corn syrup contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal and exorbitantly affects the brain, nervous system andcan lead to autism and is especially harmful to children.

2. The distilled vinegar and sugar

distilled vinegar is is not the type of vinegar poured into their salads. distilled vinegar is created from transgenic corn was raised with pesticides and chemicals. There is no health benefit, only harm. The high fructose corn syrup was not enough to Heinz!

3. has no nutritional value

has n or fiber, no protein, minerals … , but , there is a 2% of vitamin a and C! Great. A lousy 2% can not approach the sugar and sodium that this condiment is injected into us.

You do not have lose your favorite seasoning and dip By sienpre! There are many options in the market for a healthy tomato sauce organic, non-GMO. The best you can do is make your own! It’s easy and takes two minutes.

Here’s a great video showing how to make your own tomato sauce:

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