3 Nasty things you did to your skin today

You may think you skin care regime is perfect and there is nothing to do evil and damage your skin anyway. But did you know there are certain things that are done almost daily to lead to serious skin damage knew? Here are 3 terrible things he did to your skin today without even realizing it.


making her cell phone from her cheek

Now mobile phones to mess too much with regular use; and your skin produces oil and sweat. The combination of these two and a lethal combination that causes outbreaks and pigmentation is obtained.

Sweat and dirt from the skin releases its sticks to your phone when it is pressed against the cheek. Not regularly clean the phone, which is only causing all dirt from getting back into the skin along with the bacteria that already exists.

Furthermore the heat emitted by cell phones leads to an increase in melanin production, which in turn causes pigmentation.

So next time you get a break or uneven skin tone, do not complain. Only clean your phone or go handsfree care regime.

asleep for less than 6 hours a day

Research in the UK found that sleep regularly for less 6 hours per day caused the first signs of skin aging. The researchers found an increase in wrinkles, fine lines, spots, pores, dark circles and red areas in women who slept less than mandate required daily. Sleep deprivation is your worst enemy and a harbinger sure shot of premature aging. Get a good night’s sleep to stay forever young like Sleeping Beauty.

a dirty towel is used to clean your face

The best practice is to use a clean towel every time washing the face. Rubbing with a damp towel or previously used can cause the accumulation of bacteria on the face, which leads to skin infections such as impetigo and even makes acne outbreaks.

Avoid making these nasty things to your skin and see your skin glow with a healthy glow.

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