3 Ingredient Smoothie Recipe to Prevent Chronic Knee and Joint Pain

The knees are very important part of your body because of them that are able to walk. People have knee pain when they wear uncomfortable shoes.

If you like the use of flip-flops that your tendons are probably tight or pain. So that’s why you need to rest or stretch your legs after use. You may think that time is the cause, but it is actually because of his awkward flip-fops. Pain can also occur in the hips and spine.

Walking barefoot is 1000 times better than walking with your favorite flip flops.

The knee pain usually happens suddenly and pressure on the ligaments and tendons only makes it worse.

Usually, obese people suffer from knee pain such as knees are overburdened with excess weight.

Sometimes injuries can cause severe pain who need special treatments and even surgery. This natural remedy can help against sudden severe knee pain.

The ingredients in this recipe contain anti-inflammatory properties powerful that are great for your ligaments and tendons.

They are also rich in silicon, vitamin C, magnesium and bromelain. This delicious and amazing drink will make you stronger, full of energy and you will be able to survive throughout the day.

This smoothie contains a delicious fruit healing and enjoy drinking it for sure!

⦁ 1 cup oatmeal
⦁ 1 cup water (250 ml)
⦁ two pieces of cup pineapple
⦁ 40g raw honey
⦁ almonds 40g, crushed
⦁ cinnamon powder 7g
⦁ 1 cup fresh orange juice


Boil oatmeal for several minutes.

Then add a cup of orange juice freshly squeezed.

Mix the pineapple chunks, almonds, cinnamon and honey together.

Then add the oatmeal in the mildest.

Mix until a mixture of compounds is obtained.

Finally, put some ice cubes and can enjoy drinking this smoothie!

you can also mix all ingredients together, but when cooked oatmeal makes your tastiest smoothie.

You choose which option is best for you.

Source: www.healthybodyandtips.com

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