3 Cancer causing foods probably you eat everyday

processed meats.

We are now living in the time we need fast food and the same time to Crave organic and fresh food also.
What exactly are processed meats? It is a long list that includes but is not limited to, sausages, sausages, bacon, most lunch meats such as bologna or bread pepper.

Researchers writing in the journal BMC Medicine, said that excessive salts and chemicals used to make processed meat are harmful to your health. The study showed that 1 in 17 people who participated in the study died and those who ate 160 grams or more of processed meats increases the risk of premature until death by 44 percent within 12 years compared with those who ate 20 grams or less.


Yes, we know, the chips are cheap, great tasting, quick snack, however, negative effects on your body may not be worth the little pleasure derived from these crunchy snacks.

French fries are high in both fat and calories that are sure to cause weight gain. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that eating just 1 instead of fries per day caused a weight gain of 2 pounds in an average year. Besides being full of trans fats which can cause high cholesterol in most people who have excessive levels of sodium that, for many people, cause high blood pressure.

Artificial sweeteners

Most people use artificial sweeteners either weight loss or because they are diabetics and should avoid sugar. The main problem with this is that there are numerous studies showing that people who consume artificial sweeteners on a regular basis, such as soft drinks, coffee or sweeteners actually gain weight. It also does little or nothing to help people with diabetes.

Indeed, artificial sweeteners actually make it even more difficult to control their levels of blood sugar and worsen the conditions that are related to diabetes, such as cataracts and gastrointestinal paresis. Sometimes aspartame has been found to cause seizures, some people will be confused with insulin reaction.

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