29 Tips on how to get skinnier legs fast in a week

The exercise and proper diet will provide the body healthy. If you want to keep the body fit, then do not stop training, you attend 100% to have the perfect figure. You can not get thinner legs or body with starvation, empty stomach will not give you a healthy body, natural juices and food is needed and decrease body fat. Regular training will provide flexible legs and cellulite free thighs. should not do the work that is only for tighter to her thighs, spoil the form, you must workout for the entire body and also have an adequate diet, so the thinner legs offer the perfect look . Here Vkool.com brings some tips for you to get thinner and healthier legs. Read on to learn more about these tips on how to get skinny legs!

How to get skinny legs fast in a week: 29 tips that work

1. Select the proper exercise

how to get skinnier legs - select the suitable exercise

Some certain tips can help you lose all the fat and get very thin, thin legs at home own. Click to Tweet The choice of perfect exercise can help get skinny legs. For this purpose, you can perform these exercises: aerobics , power walking, running or machine can also use step as they involve the legs nonstop. You can increase the intensity of training after his passion.

2. cardiac intensive exercises

How to get skinny legs with this exercise? Try performing cardiovascular approximately 5 to 6 days in a week exercises. These energy aerobic exercises / workouts have reasonable that your body can easily accept time, try doing 30 to 40 minutes. Interval workouts are not great for those with stout legs, the better emphasis on cardiac exercises, which will certainly help fat legs and become thinner.

3. The exercise of bridge with Squeeze towel

how to get skinnier legs - bridge exercise with towel squeeze

How to get skinny legs with this exercise? First, relax your arms and lie next line on the ground, place a small hand towel between his knees, squeeze it until you feel the pressure on your thighs. Now slowly raise your hips above your floor, remember the hand will be straight on your floor as you lift your hips. You do the exercise for about 15 minutes.

4. Crescent Kick

In terms

Overall, the crescent kick is very useful to have the inner face of skinny thigh. In order to do this exercise, one leg off the floor, and bend the knee with hands on their left or right sides, that whenever you want to use and then move in a circular motion.

5. Lunges

how to get skinnier legs - lunges

Lunges are also a very useful exercise for the legs. This exercise technique is to keep your body straight forward with one leg, make sure your legs are aligned. Then lower the back knee toward the floor with your back and hips they have the weight on your heels as pushing back to the starting position. You can also perform this exercise, holding a dumbbell in hand for both pressure resistance.

6. Pilates for fitness

This is one of the easiest workouts to get skinny thighs and legs. They do not reduce fat too quickly however, you get muscles flexible and strong body in shape. This exercise requires precision so you can join a class or get help with her some related videos. Exercise not only include abdominal technique is simple but important.

7. Lift legs and rolls

how to get skinnier legs - raise and rolls of legs

How to get skinny legs with this exercise? Legs rolls, besides raising is also an easy and simple training that will trigger the body. You can do this exercise by placing an exercise mat and next are in it, supporting the body with your left arm and are now on the right side. After that, start lifting the hip to the use of his left leg.

8. Exercise squat or crouch

Bending or squatting exercise is often known as squats. Exercise is the most beneficial workout for the legs, can be done in many ways. The most useful way is standing on his feet, and the distance of the feet is to shoulder level to stretch your arms forward and now back moves down as slowly as possible, make sure that the rear is small curve of her forehead. Twenty squats in three sets will help you get thin and shapely legs. Now think a bit the leg is inside the drum and the drum must track with the toes, by the movement of the legs move up and down in the fields. Repeat the same procedure with both legs and create 80 to 90 circles.

9. inner thigh attitude press

how to get skinnier legs - inner thigh attitude pulse

First, standing on one leg, while other leg is out of their land, several inches above and then bend your leg from the knee, bring the leg to the other side ahead of his body to go right knee left leg. Then lower the left leg back to his apartment and now raise it as high as possible, keeping the heel up. To do this, the movement 15 minutes or 15 times and do the same with the other leg.

10. Cycling

As we all know, cycling is the most effective for toning leg muscles form. You can easily withstand bike and that will help burn fat fast legs. If about 450 calories burned in an hour so you can lose your legs easily in a week.

11. Swimming

how to get skinnier legs - swimming

In terms

Overall, swimming is wonderful exercise for the whole body, especially the legs . You can burn about 500 calories if you spend one hour in water. This will help tone muscles throughout the body and also helps the body stay in shape.

Further information: 17 major health and mental benefits of swimming Daily

12. Join exercise or gym class

participation in class for toning your legs faster is better; I get motivated by watching other people and get help from your instructor. Join the Zumba dance class is very good because it can help burn about 500 calories in an hour.

13. Legs stretching

how to get skinnier legs - stretching legs

stretch your leg muscles after each workout will help to lessen the pain or sensitivity. Stretch your legs about a minute it will provide activeness.

14. Sports as exercise

You can reduce your thighs with a few team sports like ice hockey, basketball, soccer, etc. These are the best games to tone leg muscles.

15. In exercise treadmill

how to get skinnier legs - exercise with treadmill

People often consider exercise as boring, but running or walking on a tape is also useful for skinny legs, which is based on how fast you go on it. To walk on it, you can burn around 400-500 calories.

effective home tasks 16.

General speaking, household chores are useful to get the body in shape. He works as; dusting, laundry and cleaning plant and energy and will also involve the whole body. Mark one of this work in your regular routine, this will not only give the house clean, but also give intelligent body.

17. The high protein foods

how to get skinnier legs - high protein foods

How to get skinny legs with protein-rich foods? Protein-rich foods are also very effective and vital for toning muscles. Be sure to add chicken, fish and turkey in your diet plan.

Further information: list of 16 high-protein foods

18. Take fruits and vegetables

The large amount fruits and vegetables will help reduce body fat and increase nutritional fiber.

19. More and more water

how to get skinnier legs - more and more water

The intake of water a day will help you pull all the toxins from your body. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glass per day. The water will help keep hydrated and radiant skin summer together.

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20. Reduce salt Life

as you know, foods with high salt content are very harmful to your health and your body and restricting salty foods, skin moisture.

Further information: 3 Week Diet Review

21. Avoid junk foods or fatty foods

how to get skinnier legs - avoid junk foods or fatty foods

These foods energy level will be reduced in your body and increase your fat calories leg that makes him boring, lowest energy.

22. Fat-Burning Foods

As you make your diet plan in order to get skinny legs in a week, add foods that burn fat from your body and also make thinner legs. Therefore, nutritionists suggest that the “salmon” that is high in fatty acids omega-3 ; this fish boosts your metabolism to act effectively. Also, the use of olive oil, nuts and avocados these foods contain fats that increase the level of monounsaturated metabolic rate.

23. Avoid Sugary beers

how to get skinnier legs - avoid sugary brews

should avoid sodas or different juices. These are the main obstacle in the hasty life, which are rich in saturated fats and calories that increase your weight, stay away from them will support you to the fastest thin legs.

24. Wear dark pants

Not surprisingly dark color also appears as a thinner in appearance. You should go with dark blue, black or purple. Certainly legs look slimmer in those colors.

25. Floor Exercise

how to get skinnier legs - floor exercise

How to get skinny legs with this exercise? First, it is necessary to lay flat on his back with his legs on the floor. Place your arms at your side on your floor. Then, bring the knee up in the highest part of your profile is. Later, with the other leg, kick as high as possible. Return it to the floor. Do 60 kicks, then switch sides and perform 60 more.

26. Get heel

Slipping on a pair of heels is also a shameless way to get skinny legs in a week. Not only add extra height heels, but they can change the appearance of the legs to make them become thinner.

27. The Embrace A-Line

how to get skinnier legs - embrace the a-line

The type of clothes you wear can make a big difference in highlight and accentuate different body parts. For thinner legs in a week, start participating dresses or skirts a line. The shape of this line can make legs look narrower.

28. Rana

In order to do this exercise, you need to lie on your back with your arms relaxed at your floor beside you. Slowly bend your knees toward your chest, drawing the abdominals. Then, flex your feet and knees turn sideways. The heels should touch. After that, press the legs, extending them at an angle of forty-five degrees. With both legs extended outward, the more they came back, the back of your knees together (inner thighs) is pressed. Now bend your knees again, keeping the same line of forty-five degrees on the way back. That’s one repetition. Make this move 15 times.

29. Butterfly Stretch

how to get skinnier legs - butterfly stretch

to increase flexibility and Nix pain the next day, finish this routine with a relaxing stretch. Start seated with the soles together more interleaved knees relaxed, sideways while holding ankles. Gently lean forward and lower your chest towards the feet until deep stretch sits on the inner thighs. Hold for about 30 seconds, and now relax. Making this move once.

For more information related to useful forms or tips for thin legs or lose weight, go to our How Home . I hope this post will help you know about some useful tips on how to get skinny legs. If you have comments or questions, please leave them below, I will reply as soon as possible. Do you know any other tips on how to get skinny legs? Then share with us at this time.

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