28-Day Skin Care Challenge

is that time of year when we urge owners to lose weight in a month, get fit in 28 days or have the body I always wanted without really changing anything you do. I was able to set my own challenge – the ability of the skin in 28 days. First I had to work on what would be the gist of a fitness challenge skin 28 days and then put everything on a calendar. I am sharing here with the hope that it will take the challenge with me.

For me, fitness is all about skin healthy, shiny and supple appearance. I need some everyday items, some heavy weights, work tools and weekly treatments.

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daily (morning)

objectives in the morning is to clean, brighten and repair and so want my products so multitasking as possible.

Cleaner: This is the basis of good skin care as a good cleanser does more than remove dirt. It should help cell renewal and deliver antioxidants to protect the skin. My go is SimySkin Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel ($ 40 at the store) to the detoxification of moringa and a lot of anti-aging antioxidants to establish my skin very well for what is to come.

Repair Serum: The serum great punch for the day should (if possible) add some hydration, damages leave skin looking its best. One who does this for me has amino acids that my skin just loves -. BRAD essential Biophotonic Elixir Multi-Peptide Youth Regenerating Serum ($ 95 in store)

Get some brightness: I’m not thinking of a layer of moisturizer here, but get a little shine and additional flexibility. I have my eye on wonderfully simple SkinOwl beauty drops geranium ($ 30 in the shop).

Daily (evenings)

night objectives are to moisturize and shine and this is where vitamin C and AHA really come into their own.

Cleaner: A night cleaner is a workhorse that is needed to get the makeup and dirt of the day. One that is certainly the height is Elizabeth Dehn love for vitamin B Organic Cleansing Oil ($ 42 in the shop).

Peel:. “Shell” fitness skin has its own personal trainer with a diary I’m talking gentle but effective exfoliation to brighten and even skin tone and promote cell renewal firmer skin. Try my current go-to: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Original Peel ($ 80 in the shop).

Vitamin C: The only vitamin that stimulates collagen, vitamin C and businesses lights and I have become a convert to Dr. Dennis Gross Triple Peptide serum ($ 62 in store).

Every two days

The objective is flexibility and brightness and media that challenge being disciplined about regular treatments with LED and ultrasound and retinol the important moments.

Ultrasound and LED: all you need is 10 minutes a day (more if you have time and inclination)

Retinol in the important moments: I believe in treating retinol respect, but there’s nothing like it to put a regime and the movement of the sun-damaged skin in the repair underway. I am very careful about when and where I can guide her. In my case, it’s my neck that needs all the help it can get and use Dr. Dennis ferulic gross and Retinol fortifying neck Emulsion ($ 75 in store), alternating with a neck cream no retinol – I prefer Toujours Soleil Anti-Aging Daily Serum feed for the face and neck ($ 145 in store) -. so do not overdo

Twice a week

I think the added boost of an exfoliating serum. With everything happening in this challenge, I think it is prudent to limit a couple of times a week and exfoliating serum should replace their serum vitamin C every night when used for an extra boost of shine. For example, Sciote Illume Brightening Serum ($ 95 at the store) can be used for orientation or generally with kojic acid as the active key, supported by two AHA: Glycolic acid and salicylic acid.

Once a week

A mask weekly rounds of all. It could be something like Medi Spa Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross ($ 110 in store) with AHA-soaked pads and whey peptides and amino acids. I myself am erring towards Your Best Face Prep microdermabrasion ($ 80 in store) for cleaning the pores and antioxidant effects. Whatever weekly exfoliating peel microdermabrasion or use to replace skin every day in your routine for that day.

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