25 Healthy Snacks That Beat Energy Bars

(WellnessNova.com) – When people snack during the day, usually grab a granola bar or similar treatment. These can sometimes be expensive or just want to give rise to several granola bars. Then this defeats the whole point of a snack and get more calories than you need.

There are many ways to stay healthy and be able to chop several times a day without gaining weight but with the addition of nutrients to your body stays healthy . Standing beside granola bar approach is better, and many of the options below are ingredients in granola bars. Some are not, and also has great benefits to add to your healthy diet during snack.

1. Almonds – go to the plains

Almonds can be expensive, but are a type of nut that is very healthy and beneficial to the skin, nails and hair (almond oils found in many beauty products) and may also decrease the risk of heart disease. They are also extremely high in magnesium. Eating sweet almond version of defeats the purpose, which adhere to simple if you can.

2. Raisins -. They eat themselves

Although eating raisins in large quantities may contribute to weight gain, which can be a healthy alternative, even in small amounts as an appetizer or add to salads. Raisins are like prunes, that the elderly often drink as juice, are is also ideal for people who have intestinal problems.

3. Cranberries – for your health and vitamin C. urinary

They are high in vitamin C, however, bitter, however, they are powerful antioxidants that keep infections at bay. People with urinary problems using cranberry pills and powder mixtures, however it is best to go directly to the source in place. If you can not get past the bitter taste, mash some of these up with plain yogurt and some granola.

4. Celery – eat your potassium level

Celery has a high level of antioxidants that helps protect against inflammation. Also it loaded with vitamin K, potassium, and folic acid. It has no taste however extreme, you can benefit your health in many ways. You can combine the celery stalks with peanut butter and some raisins if you want to be creative.

5. Carrots – your skin will love this snack

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the skin and can also help with inflammation! . They are large to wet, such as celery, however, they are large only. Use salad dressing sparingly. Choose organic carrots cut to reduce the risk of pesticides and chemical contamination.

6. Avocado -. essential oils for inner and outer beauty

Avocados are high in good fat and they are perfect for healthy skin and hair . These can be mashed up in a bath we call guacamole. We are seeing more and more are incorporated in larger meals, like hamburgers and other sandwiches.

7. Cucumbers -. The essential nutrient water

These are similar to celery. They are 90 percent water and high in potassium. These are also anti-inflammatory and can be a great snack by themselves or mixed with a little vinegar or soy sauce to complete your healthy snack.

8. Oatmeal – more fiber please

Oatmeal is a great snack, as it can fill and is not loaded with calories. It is also ideal to add oatmeal to their regime fibers. Add a pinch of brown sugar and you’re good to go with it.

9. Yogurt -. An essential Probiotic

Science has shown us that we would have to eat tons of organic yogurt to even reach several million accounts of a probiotic on your system , but yogurt is still a dairy product that can add the essential dairy you need without overdoing it. A good cup of yogurt flavored vanilla is a great snack. Greek is impressive.

10. Kale -. The last green leaf

This should really be at the top of the list, however; It is not something that everyone would be excited to eat during snack time. If you are on a rigid diet maybe a kale salad and vinegar with some tomatoes on top would be a healthy and effective option, but usually most of us want berries or nuts instead of a sheet green on your break at work.

11. Chickpeas – make a great hummus

Chickpeas, or as we call chickpeas, are a source of B vitamins to provide energy and are full of! protein. Flogged with a few ingredients to make a good hummus dip. Hummus is awesome with pita chips or bread regular pita.

12. Cottage cheese – spongy and nutritious

This fluffy white organic cheese is a perfect appetizer. It fills you up, is nutritious and an excellent source of good fats and calcium. It is eaten with some celery and carrots!

13. Canned albacore cookies.

tuna in a can may be good for you, but you never want to overdo it because of mercury. It is an impressive appetizer when combined with diced carrots, celery and onion and a little mayonnaise. Switch up your tuna sauce with wheat biscuits -. It is delicious

14. slices of pineapple – good for digestion

high in potassium and vitamin C, this fruit is sour and sweet and a good snack. It also helps digestion. This is basically what the pills are bromelain.

15. Sea salt pretzel sticks.

Some sharp carbohydrates and sea salt are great snacks too. They are a good combination with hummus or cottage cheese, and even a tuna mixture.

16. Popcorn with sea salt.

and airy popcorn with sea salt is a healthy drink, just try not to soak with butter – a little is good. It is not only good for a movie, but to take a break from work or constant pecking during his eight-hour day.

Cacao bar 17. – i n instead of milk chocolate, eat a few bars of pure cocoa

If you like chocolate! then you should adhere to cocoa -. Which is healthier than regular use of milk chocolate form or anything that is ultra sweet

18 packages of peanut butter – as GO-GURT


This is an amazing kind of butter. It is a source of protein that can be spread on crackers or vegetables or fruit. It is also great in ice cream, but try to stay away from ice cream.

19. fig-newton cookies are full of fiber gut-cleaning!

These are a cookie for a healthy snack. You get a little sugar, a little fiber and fruit – makes it a delicious treat when you are trying to stay away from sugar cookies and chocolate chips

20. Oranges and yogurt , your best source of vitamins!

high in vitamin C, oranges or clementines are welcome to add your usual snacks for the day. They are a little dirty, so maybe peel them and placing in a ready to eat snack Tupperware would be best. They are great mixed with organic yogurt.

21. Apples and honey are sweet and nutritious!

Fruits are known to be more sugar on the side of things, but eating some apples a week is not a bad thing. Honey is a great dipping sauce for a nice crisp apple. A large fibrous snack with sweet honey – it’s too antibacterial raw, organic honey is better -. Not only a syrup

22. Banana with peanut butter, potassium overload!

A banana is an acquired taste and can taste even better with a little peanut butter or good taste of a cereal based on oats. You have your protein (peanut butter) and potassium (bananas). The banana is not a significant source of vitamin K, but still a healthy snack option.

23. Strong cheddar with wheat crackers, calcium and carbohydrates.

eat cheese and cracker can get carried away if you are a cheese lover – so much care if you like this bite. They are a great source of calcium (hard cheeses are healthier). Put these medium slices on a wheat cracker. The less processed the better -. Stick with organic


24. blueberries or strawberries and yogurt, antioxidants Here we go!

This is delicious! Both high in vitamin C, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants. They are perfect for a fruit snack. Add some simple organic Greek or regular yogurt and has a great mix.

25. Rice Cakes -. Low calorie snack

These are a very low-calorie gift, something like popcorn. Light, usually with some kind of sweetened flavor. They are also fibrous and healthy, so you can snack on them for a while. There are 60 calories or less! Be sure to choose the black or brown rice -. They are filled with more nutrients and antioxidants

The next time you feel like snacking on something – Try this alternative to energy bars

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