20 Unusual Facts About Pee You Should Definitely Know. #16 Made Me Faint

There are some interesting facts and very rare in our pee. One of them is that you can whiten teeth, but nothing that could not have known about it. We’ll see.

  • 95% of the urine contains water;
  • The Romans wanted to pee while doctors use to advise their patients to brush their teeth with urine to whiten. It sounds crazy, but urine contains ammonia that makes teeth become whiter;
  • On average, a person peeing about 7 times a day, however, this varies the amount of drinks and food consumed;
  • An average urine lasts 7 seconds, but if less than 7 seconds and feel the need to go, then it could be that you have an infection;
  • An adult bladder can hold 300-500 ml of urine;
  • is not correct that women urinate from their vaginas;
  • There is a popular belief that the pain of a jellyfish sting can be alleviated by peeing on the affected spot, but has not been proven;
  • visit the bathroom often denotes their health is a high level and also provides information that your kidneys, heart function and liver correctly;
  • The color of your urine talk much about their health;
  • If you pee smells sweet, then it could be a sign of diabetes;
  • If the urine smells bad, then it could be a sign of an infection and could be due to spill glucose to proteins in the urine;
  • There are another 3,000 urine components, including chloride, potassium and sodium;
  • Foods like garlic, coffee and junk food can make your pee smell bad, but this can be controlled if you stay well hydrated;
  • is not enough to pee is a condition called oliguria;
  • The presence of nitrogen in the urine is used to prepare the powder;
  • There is a condition in which a person is not able to pee if other people are near them and called Paruresis, or pee shyness;
  • should not feel embarrassed if you pee sneezing, exercising, or laugh, as usual. This situation is called bladder syndrome intolerance;
  • Pee was used as gas masks during World War 1 Canadian soldiers, so they soaked scarves or socks in the urine and then face with it capped. This is believed to be the best process to breathe then;
  • The morning urine is very acidic compared to pee during the day;
  • The flow of urine in men is wider than in men.

source: wittyfeed.com

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