20 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hypertrophic Scars Naturally At Home

Hypertrophic scar is one of the most stubborn scars and hatred that nobody wants to face.

hypertrophic scarring can devastate and can cause disfigurement that would lead to employment discrimination, decreased self-esteem , and social detachment.

This type of scar is very visible and can rise above the surface of the surrounding skin.

Although there are several treatments for hypertrophic scars, only some of them have been proven to work well and efficiently. Some treatments for hypertrophic scars are very costly and complicated as well.

How to get rid of hypertrophic scars at home, naturally – Best treatments Home:

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars at home naturally

A hypertrophic scar is a red, thick, raised, scar due to surgery or injury. It may form naturally with injuries.

Hypertrophic scar grows in areas surrounding a skin lesion. It is formed when something goes wrong during the initial phase of the healing process and causing a glut collagen fibers in the affected area.

These scars may actually be the body’s response to surgery, inflammation, burns or trauma. This type of scar usually occurs in young people, particularly those darker skin tone.

Hypertrophic scar is often formed in the ears, shoulders and chest, but still can form in other parts of the human body.

The accumulation of collagen cause scars raised in appearance rather than flat as others.

Other features of hypertrophic scars are pain and itching, even after wounds associated with them have been cured completely.

Today, throughout this article, I would like to present some of the best home remedies and tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars naturally at home that has been proven to work well and will not result in any effect secondary.

Landlords remedies contain:

Hypertrophic scars can heal themselves, without the help of a couple of months, there are some scars treatments Hypertrophic that can help accelerate the process and minimize the appearance of scars

Some of the options more effective and useful and tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars treatment is revealed below.

1. silicone Gel Sheets

this treatment is known as one of the best ways to get rid of hypertrophic scars that everyone should know, especially those who suffer from this skin problem. The reason for this is because it can help to fade almost all traces of healing. It is usually performed in a clinical setting, but many people also do at home. Silicone gel sheets are applied to the skin in order to moisturize the scar and even change the skin tone so you can match the skin around the scar. The silicone gel is almost invisible when dry, so it could be useful and less embarrassing.

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These silicon wafers are mainly membranes based gel minerals, which are made from medical grade polymer. They are very soft, which helps them to be used with ease and comfort. Scar cover by applying pressure and moisture can penetrate them. The best advantage of this treatment is that it has very low risks and does not result in further damage to the skin tissues. These sheets should be used by every day for at least half an hour over a period of 8-10 weeks.

The use of silicone gel cover is actually a miracle treatment for hypertrophic scars, so must try! Click to Tweet

2. Shea butter and coconut oil

This is also one of the most effective tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars naturally at home that everyone suffering from this skin problem can be treated to make use without facing any difficulty.

If you have suffered an injury, keep skin moist and covered. You can use coconut oil or shea butter raw. This can avoid a scar or prevent a scar from getting too deep, large or itching. The omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants in coconut oil and shea butter have been shown to repair the skin and inhibit keloid scar tissue. Moreover, as both re ingredients useful in moisturizing the skin, which can be used to help minimize some scarring. Simply apply either of them to the wound 2-3 times a day. It is not necessary to wash off as the two are very good for the skin. However, be careful not to let them get silk garments as they can stain.

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3. Garments pressure

This is actually an effective remedy on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars that you should know and try then forever. Before using commercial pressure garments to treat scars, skin freshly healed must preconditioned to accept the pressure and the tension exerted by the clothes. A study published in 2010, said pressure therapy achieved success rates of 60-85% regression in healing.

4. Onion extract / Gel

Onion extract is an effective option that can be used to treat hypertrophic scars. This is because it contains some unique bioflavonoids, such as kaempferol, quercetin and sepalin. When onion extract scar for 4 weeks is applied, you may experience mild burning and quickly resolved. Within two weeks, the scar gel applied is significantly softer than the control scars. After 4-8 weeks of application, all variables appearance of scars applied gel had improved. It is concluded that the onion extract is effective and safe in improving scars after 4 weeks of application once a day.

can cut an onion and press out the juice. Then it applied to the scar using a cotton pad several times a day until you see a better result.

5. Emu oil

Emu oil is the fat in the back of the emu bird. It has been known to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. Emu oil is high in omega fatty acids, which help you have a healthy skin because it can penetrate deeply and hydrate, so it can be effective in treating the appearance of scars and promote the natural healing process of the skin. Read this entire article to find other tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars in the country.

6. Tea tree oil and Helichrysum

tea tree oil is another natural choice for the treatment of hypertrophic scars. It is very effective because it has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is helpful in curing hypertrophic scars and can decrease gradually. Use 2-4 drops of tea tree oil, possibly in combination with coconut oil, and rub over the scar twice daily.

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oil Helichrysum is also a good remedy to decrease appearance of scars because of its antibacterial properties. Since it is an antioxidant, this oil helps to regenerate and also prevent damaged skin.

7. apple cider vinegar

is an astringent, which makes it become a great antiseptic and an effective option for scars hypertrophic. In addition, the apple cider vinegar can remove dead skin cells, it can be used to help fade scars. Simply mix the apple cider vinegar with honey, and then apply it to your scars using a cotton ball. Let stand for 10 minutes and then rinse. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day.

8. Honey

Honey is a potent antibiotic, and some beauty experts suggest that honey is used as a great treatment of hypertrophic scar. You can use raw honey or mixed with aloe vera gel, oatmeal and cucumber. Remember to buy raw and pure honey, not processed and apply to your hypertrophic scar in a circular motion version. Alternatively, you can make a mask house with 2 teaspoons honey, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and ¾ teaspoon of distilled water. Mix in mashed cucumber or aloe vera gel in case you have available.

9. Scar creams, gels and ointments

There are a lot of products that are intended to treat the appearance of scars on the market, and some of them they have been proven to work. You must use them freely and consistently. Also, remember to use SPF in the scar if you will encounter in the sun. This is due to sun damage scar will darken and even worse.

10. Collagen injections

It can be done as a treatment of hypertrophic scar that sinks into the skin instead of developing out. injecting collagen or similar substances in the hollow scar is needed. The gradual transfer of collagen in the scar hollow makes increase the level of the skin. This treatment requires more than one session to maintain the right level of scar.

11. Quercetin

Actually, it is a type of flavonoid, which gives them their color. It is mainly used as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. You can find it in a variety of foods and beverages like pple, red wine, green tea and onion. Based on a study, quercetin preparations are a preventive cure that can be more useful than an adjuvant cure for hypertrophic scars. He also revealed that only 40% of wounds treated with quercetin grew hypertrophic scars after a month of application, Meanwhile, all wounds not treated with quercetin increased hypertrophic scars.

12. Puncture of hypertrophic scar

Stitching is a profitable option for hypertrophic scars cure. The main advantage of this method is that you can do at home with specialized needles healing. It is necessary to needle scar constantly to promote fiber formation collage. If you are doing this treatment option for the 1st time, you should consult an expert to eliminate the risk of unwanted effects.

13. Radiation therapy

In some severe cases, radiation treatment is performed where the scar is open and exposed to radiation. This treatment is as risky as opening a hypertrophic scar can cause unwanted long-term effects.

14. Steroid injections

This is the treatment that is widely used by a lot of people. It relates to the use of steroid injections to help in thinning of the skin tissues. The steroid is injected directly into the scar monthly until flattened. Effective, however, this treatment can cause some risks.

15. Laser therapy

Helps eliminate hypertrophic scars effectively. It acts by vaporization of scar tissues, from the upper layers of the skin and then expose the lower layers of the skin. The duration of this treatment depends on the severity of the scar.

With the advancement of technology, there are a lot of treatments for hypertrophic scars. However, for best results, you should seek advice from an expert to find out what suits you best. He or she will examine your skin condition and then provide appropriate advice to the type and severity of the scar that is trying to deal with. Successful treatment of hypertrophic scar requires a plan that is designed to suit their problems.

Natural treatments work to treat hypertrophic scars. Therefore, if an ugly scar is obtained hypertrophic, try using natural treatments containing safe and effective ingredients. There is nothing better than using a natural gel before performing an expensive and painful treatment for hypertrophic scar to feel good about the appearance of the scar. However, hypertrophic scars do not go away after several days or following a type of treatment. They need to be used for weeks or even years.

16. The identification of scars and causes

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars-identifying the scars and causes

This is the first tip on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars at home, naturally, I would like to reveal in today’s article and my readers to learn and remember to make use of a good!

Indeed, the identification of this type of scar is not difficult. Hypertrophic scars can be seen as pink or red and thick, slightly raised from the surrounding skin. As I mentioned above, triggers scars could be a trauma, inflammation, surgery and Burns . For clarity, things happen when there is something wrong in the first phase of the healing process of these issues. That wrong thing will lead to collagen deposition in large numbers finally rose on the skin as hypertrophic scars. By having this type of scars, people could feel her skin itchy and dry can come off scars. It would also no pus or fluids.

17. Vitamin E:

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars-vitamin e

Puncture 1 capsule of vitamin E and get its content applies to the right at their points of hypertrophic scars . Vitamin E is very necessary and important to keep our skin healthy and can be helpful in the healing process of skin infections and conditions.

In addition, following a healthy diet plan with good skin foods would also be a good idea and recommended. Vitamin E is very useful for the skin because it would help alleviate the visibility of scars or even removing scars once and for all. Lotions, supplements or natural sources of this vitamin, such as almonds and hazelnuts, should also be added to your daily intake and use. One more thing you should remember about dealing with hypertrophic scar is that this natural treatment can take a long time. Therefore, you must be patient when making use of this method.

18. Light Therapy:

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars-light therapy

The laser light is focused on the scar tissue and a darker pigmentation scars hypertrophic, thereby breaking up effectively. The light can also stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin look smoother and firmer. Laser therapy will help eliminate most scars, although usually repeated sessions are needed.

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. 19. massage:

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars-massage

massage hypertrophic scars is also a good way to deal with this skin problem. Massage can help increase blood circulation, allowing food and blood to reach the region with scars more easily. These essential elements may well help speed your scars healing process. Moreover, Massage can help break scar tissues. Massage your area scarred for 2 minutes every day, at least, to get good results.

This is actually one of the most effective and tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars I want to show in this article natural home remedies and that my readers to learn and remember to use every day.

20. Natural Remedies:

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars-natural remedies

This is the last but very important and effective advice on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars naturally at home i really want my readers to learn, remember and use!

Actually, there are many other ways to deal with hypertrophic scars out of what I mentioned above you can try. Before making use of medical interventions, therapies, surgery or other methods, must use some natural remedies, such as:

Now, after the introduction of the complete collection of simple but useful therapies, home remedies and natural tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars at home, of course, I also want to recommend you and my other readers to spend more time reading another article, another meeting of the resources you can use to deal with hypertrophic scars – the 6 and natural home remedies for keloid scars Cara article. This is also a writing that aims to help people deal with the problem of scar, specifically – keloids – a relatively similar issue that is related to hypertrophic scars. These home remedies are proven 100% natural and safe to use for my dear readers should read and learn how they can apply the tips revealed in the article without having to worry about its effectiveness and safety. These remedies also come without requiring patients to use any type of cream, drug, pill, or medical intervention, so you have made any unwanted side effects.

Today’s article reveals the full list of treatments, home remedies and natural tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars in the house that could be good for several readers of VKool.com and others who are also suffering from the problems of hypertrophic scars. Therefore, people should learn and apply these tips immediately to address this problem and achieve a soft quickly without facing any unwanted side effect smooth skin.

If you think that the tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars at home that reveals me and included in today’s article are useful for their own current issue of hypertrophic scar, and if you think this list it will be useful and necessary to know other people out there who also want to get rid of hypertrophic scars, so feel free to share this list extensively with anyone who wishes to use together. In addition, as the author of Vkool, really I want to see the answers and thoughts about my articles my readers, so remember to leave your thoughts and comments in the form below!

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