20 Surprising Ways to Use Vicks VapoRub

For more than a century, Vicks VapoRub has been a popular over-the-counter remedy to treat colds, nasal congestion and sore throat and chest congestion. In recent years, fans of Vicks have expanded their uses. Here are twenty surprising ways to use Vicks VapoRub:

1. Protect yourself against mosquitoes -. Apply a small amount of Vicks on your clothes and skin to keep mosquitoes at bay

2. sinus headaches – Menthol in Vicks can calm a sinus headache. Simply apply the problem under the nose, and breathe in the aromatic vapors.

3. Relieve Acne – Vicks cleans and softens the skin. Apply a couple of times a day directly on acne and pustules dry up.

4. Keep away insects – Vicks is an environmentally friendly way to defend against insect bites. Rub it on the neck, knees, inner elbows and behind the ears. If you are having a field day, place an open bottle of Vicks on the table to keep flying insects away.

5. Remove bruises – Add a pinch of salt a little Vicks VapoRub and put it in a recent hematoma. Bruising will disappear quickly.

6. Relieve muscle aches – Massaging sore muscles with Vicks, then cover the area with a hot and dry towel. Lie down and elevate the pain member until the pain subsides. Repeat three times daily.

7. Moisturize the skin -. Rubbing Vicks VapoRub on dry skin will produce excellent results quickly

8. Tennis Elbow – To get rid of the pain of tennis elbow, Vicks rub on. Menthol and camphor relieve pain. Continue applying the Vicks until it stops aching.

9. Treatment of cracked heels – At night, rub Vicks on the feet and heels clean, and sleep on a pair of socks. The next morning wash your feet in warm water, then exfoliate your skin with a pumice stone. Do this frequently to keep your skin from smooth and healthy feet.

10. Fingernail or toenail fungus – rub a small amount of Vicks in the affected nail twice a day. Trim nails as they grow to remove the infected part.

11. Relieving cough -. Rubbing Vicks in his throat and chest not only ease congestion but also relieve cough

12. Avoid scratching your cat -. To make your cat stop scratching them, Vicks applies to its doors, walls and windows

13. Heal cuts and chips -. Rub Vicks to a splinter or a cut to shorten healing time and prevent infection

14. REEK racehorses free – riders and trainers often Vicks applied to the nostrils of racehorses before a race. This prevents the horse is distracted by the smell of the opposite sex, and keeps them focused.

15. Splines – Apply Vicks for skin affected by stretch marks. You will see results after two weeks.

16. Avoid pet urination. – To keep a pet to urinate on the carpet or anywhere in your home, leave open bottles of Vicks in those areas

17. Treat eczema -. Vicks rub the affected area to relieve inflammation and itching of eczema

18. Relieving pain of acute ear – Vicks putt on a cotton ball, and place it on the painful ear to provide immediate relief. Another method involves heating a clove of garlic in the microwave for ten seconds, apply some Vicks on one end of cloves, and place it in the ear.

19. athlete’s foot -. To heal athlete’s foot fungal infections, Vicks applied twice daily to the affected area

20. Remove warts – Apply Vicks twice a day and cover the wart with gauze (or sock). The wart will disappear in about two weeks.

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