20 Parents Share The Most Dark And Chilling Thing Their Child Has Ever Said To Them.

Children may be cute, but they can also be downright frightening. Here, 20 parents share the darkest and chilling your child has never told them.

1/20. When my cousin was two, her mother became pregnant again. One day he went to embrace his mother’s womb and said, “Brother little sick.” A few days later she had a miscarriage.


2/20. My 6 year old was in the passenger seat a few days ago and looked at me and said. “Dad, when I’m seven I’ll kill you is not expected, when I’m eight.” He asked: “How can you to do that, “She smiled and said,” I’ll drive over your head with this car “



3/20. My daughter 3 years old, was in the bathroom playing with his toys with me and laughs. Suddenly, his face expressionless, she looks me in the eyes and tell me with a deep voice, “Mom, if bits and ate all my fingers out I do not want any more.”

4/20. My daughter after 3 years old, came downstairs in the morning and said, “Look what I can do!” And she crossed her eyes. I asked him how he learned to do that and said. “The child taught me at night”

Me: “What child”

Her: “.! The boy did glasses ..” And she held her finger up and zoom to the nose and crossed eyes

She said he laughed and laughed.

not too scary, right? Only….


5/20. My four-year-old said: “Dad, I want to drill in her abdomen, go inside and eat your dinner.” The food was good but I did not think it was worth the effort.

6/20. When my son was little, I was talking to him about growing potatoes. I described how his bank to the ground around them as they grow, and he said. “I used to do that when he was an old man”


7/20. It is not a father, but a former teacher.

taught me English at a school in Spain, and he should not let the children know that speak Spanish so they were forced to communicate in English. A girl of 10 years old, approached me one day, grab my hand, and says, with the ugliest face, straight never “Te Vas Death” or “You will die.”

I was so shocked by the random nature of it that my jaw must have dropped. Then he laughed his head and said, “HA! You speak Spanish!” He then skipped away, laughing and smiling.

The scariest one child has ever said. And probably the smartest thing a child ever did while I was a teacher.


8/20. My mother-in-law was picking up my son from school because I had some things to do. It was supposed to just let it (I hate that horrible woman), but instead comes running out the door and shouts. “Dad invited me to Grandma for dinner”


9/20. I was explaining to my niece the difference between things that can and can not change people. She was confused because she had met a set of three siblings and the eldest was not the highest.

So I told her that one day she even a teeny four-year-old could be taller than me, a great big adult. But even if she was taller, it would always be greater.

She looked at me very seriously and said, “You’ll be dead before too.”


10/20. “When the light goes out, when the black circles come. They come down like this (holds hands in the air above his bed), and stay for a second, then ZOOP! Go inside! (Banging her chest). ”

Then, barely holding back tears, “I hate it.”


11/20. I was with my sister, her husband and her two-year-old. We were talking about loved ones who had died recently. My brother-in-law came and took a picture of his mother, who had died in a car accident when he was six, to show me. When my niece saw the image however, she started laughing. We wonder what was so funny and she looked at us and said. “That’s my special friend who sings to me.” I still tremble a bit to think about it.


12/20. We drove down a dark, covered road late at night snow. It was the final leg of a tour of 16 hours. My son, who was about 4 or 5 at the time, was in the back seat and getting a little restless. Suddenly his face was covered with a blanket and announced loudly: “I do not want to get glass in your face!”

Moments later, a pickup truck towing some snowmobiles pulled in front of a tractor trailer some cars in front of us and was struck, turning the median. Fortunately, we have avoided the accident altogether. In fact, it was a bit odd, however, almost as if he predicted it would be a fair accident in front of us.


13/20. I had to share a room with my 4 year old for a few weeks. “Mom, when you were asleep, woke up and there was a faceless ghost standing over you touch his arm, he was taking his dreams out of her body with his mouth.”

14/20. I can not remember if it was 3 or 4, but the voice of our little girl standing from the back seat one morning:

“Dad, Babies bathe in blood?”


15/20. My 4 year old (she’s 17 now) once joined a nap, looked at me and said with a perfect Irish accent, “It’s colder here than a hot cup of grief.” We are not Irish. I have no idea what it means, but that’s pretty heavy for a child of 4 years old.

16/20. My mother stayed with us for a few months when my daughter was 3 or 4. When moved out, the guest was still called “Room Nanna”. I asked my daughter to get some up one day. She did and turned to me and said, “Who is that old lady’s room nana?”


17/20. My daughter said she made a new friend. His mother and I are like, “Hun cool, how’s it called?” It is Casey Junior. So then we wonder when we can invite to play. My son says he can not because he is dead …

Later that night, after putting my daughter to bed, I hear laughing and talking from his room. I’ll investigate. Amid laughter episodes. I enter the room quickly, not knowing what to expect. It is not just my daughter in the room and no one else.


18/20. My son always says strange things. Usually, they are fun, but it threw me for a loop. He is 8. I was telling him how much I love you and thanks for being in my life. He said, “I did not choose this life could not control how it started but I can control how it ends…”


19/20. My niece made a drawing of the “man in his room,” she told her parents about. He had two different colored eyes, and one was gray. When asked why it was gray, she replied: “Because he can see the storm coming.”


20/20. The first husband of my wife came from a superstitious family. When he died gave a red ribbon for her, which told him he had to tie to bed or otherwise drag her to hell.

She did not. She was not superstitious, so he left in a drawer and then tossed out.

After a while we were dating, and his brother-in-law came. It was the first time he had spoken to him since her husband died. He brought her down and formally invite him in, because he thought he would be damned if he entered the house of his dead brother uninvited.

As the hours passed, which he has more drunk, and soon began to point at the corner and saying, “.. He is there My brother is standing right there watching us” He would look as if listening to someone, then say things like, “He says he misses his son.”

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