2 Methods To Make Your Own Penicillin!

This information what I feel is very important for everyone, but specifically those who potentially could be living in poverty or they have limited resources worldwide. Simple oranges and bread are two of the most common universally house kitchen elements. But did you know that oranges and bread are capable of producing penicillin leaving just letting it sit around and age? Believe it or not, that nasty green mold that develops on the surface of the bread is actually called P enicillium.

penicillin, the most famous of all time antibiotic, has saved millions of lives. And it is quietly lurking in your kitchen right now. If you have that moldy piece of bread in a bag in the back of the refrigerator, or a melon or orange rotting in the drawer, chances growth of penicillin by accident. In fact, all the discovery of penicillin hinged on the fact that it was easy to grow accidentally.

Time for a thought experiment. You are living in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. In a pinch your partner has deeply cut her leg. As you take refuge in the next few days your partner begins to develop a noticeable infection. Given that in the real world cases infections can cause serious medical problems, loss of a limb or death if not treated, without access to modern medical supplies you can know what to do to help your partner? Here’s a cheap and easy way to potentially save your partner from these destinations.

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  • take the bread and place it in a bag or container
  • Let stand until they begin to form spores
  • Take all the bread and break into smaller pieces
  • Add a little moisture (light spray) and place the broken pieces back together in the same bag or sealed container
  • control mold growth and do not release until most mold growth begins to turn decidedly green.

As the mold begins to grow and develop take in white, blue and green stages. The green mold that you see in the picture above illustrates this point. The green is to contain doses of penicillin. As you can see the green areas are where the mold has grown larger, in essence, where it has matured. Now that you have this green mold, actually you can begin using it as a treatment. There are some ways to do this.

Option A:

Take the lumps of bread, fill a large glass full of them and add hot water (not boiling water). Mix and consume. Repeat if necessary, daily doses of essentially as penicillin. It is important to note that during the growth of mold, it is very likely that other things growing. Not all useful. And when the bread is consumed will get both penicillin and bad things. Yes, we also have a terrible taste. The bad outweigh the good? In the above scenario, diarrhea or stomach upset are much less serious compared to serious infection. So it may be worth it. This remedy has been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures and has also been seen in many popular remedies around the United States for centuries.

Option B:

Take your time and carefully separate nothing but green bread mold. Clean the wound, take your scrapings ” from the pan and apply topically over all would. Wear lightweight clothing and repeat this process regularly.

An interesting fact that once the study of Egyptology learned. Dating back to Imhotep, the ancient doctors used to wear woulds with honey. Why is this? Actually, it is very difficult for bacteria that grow in honey. If a wound is fresh, clean and free of infection, you can apply honey to the area to protect it from harmful bacteria. Believe it or not, bandages medical-grade honey still used in modern emergency rooms today. For home use, simply cover the entire area in honey, and wrap the wound to keep both honey rather than distance and everything else.

There are ways more advanced course for penicillin bread and oranges that go beyond what I mentioned above. Maybe if you have more time, more resources at hand, you can potentially penicillin pharmaceutical grade made using the same basic process that I mentioned above. With the relatively low cost and widespread availability of penicillin in the healthcare market today, this may not be practical. But being in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, this information might just save your life. To learn more advanced processing means Penicillium recommend reading up on it even more.

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