18th Week of Pregnancy

XVIII week of pregnancy is almost the middle of the second quarter. Almost to the second half of pregnancy, it seems slower than the first half. If you have any fear of pregnancy, console yourself. Women are giving birth for millennia. The morning sickness begins to shrink and eventually disappear. What, AOS more, most mothers feel energized during this quarter. Baby’s growth will be rapid causing some disrupts sleep. A hot shower and milk with honey help you get a deep sleep. And it’s time to find the baby’s name, and you need to kill time.

18th Week of Pregnancy

Baby, AOS development:

by this week your baby has grown to five and a half inches long and is seven ounces in weight.

  • In most cases, the baby begins to kick and roll in this week. It’s very exciting actually feel.
  • Your baby is fully grown now; most of its characteristics as eyes, ears and nose were developed.
  • The heartbeat is quite stable at this stage.
  • The muscles are stronger and hands and legs and is well laid out and well placed.
  • At the end of this week your baby has also developed skills yawn and hiccup and you start feeling soon.
  • Your baby has also developed fingers and toes and now as each human being has its own unique set of footprints and fingerprints.
  • If the baby is a boy, this week marks the beginning of the development of the prostate. In girls, the fallopian tubes and uterus are fully formed by the end of the week.

Mother, AOS development:

that are required to win a some weight again this week because your baby is still growing and your uterus is becoming larger and larger to accommodate your baby.

This is the time when you will have a constant back pain that this is due to the growing size of your uterus, which is causing the center of gravity of your body to change and because of his return to change its position thus causing back pain. Your muscles are also pain due to pregnancy hormones.

flatulence problem continues to pregnant women. It is the same case with varicose veins, bleeding gums and stretch marks. If these problems get worse, you should consult a doctor and get proper treatment.

leg cramps are a common problem during week 18. The dream mother, AOS at night can be interrupted by a sore ankles .Stretching bedtime helps reduce the pain.

As the body requires extra fluid to support the baby and the mother, there may be some swelling in the ankles and feet (due to gravity, liquid it accumulates there). This can be avoided by keeping legs elevated during most of the time.

changes in skin, hair and nails are a part of this period. Eczema, pimples and redness are a nuisance for mothers.


One may experience dizziness and swelling in the feet during this week. This can be avoided by not standing for a long time and take adequate rest.

An ultrasound test should be performed between 18 and 20 weeks to detect any abnormalities and track baby growth, AOS.

Tips Complications

eating healthy to make sure they have a good and healthy pregnancy and give birth to a strong and healthy child. If your baby is not much to shouldn moves, AOT be afraid, because it can take some time to start kicking and rolling. If this is your first pregnancy, then you need to be calm about the whole situation, do not panic if something is taking time to spend and if this isn, AOT her first pregnancy, it is advisable not compare with her this first pregnancy because they are never the same.

The bond with the baby:

By this week your baby must have kicked by first time. It is certainly a very exciting time for you. You are bound to become emotionally attached to their baby later this week. This will be the most exciting of her pregnancy, both you and your partner week. If you feel your baby kick is one of the most memorable moments of his life.

How parents can help:

When the woman is in the 18th week of pregnancy which means it is time to rest more. Make sure the mother does, AOT move much to get everything you need and make it available to her. You have to take care of it and make sure that if she has any serious complication then medical care is provided to it. This is the time when his wife expected to be fully cooperative with it and understand emotionally sure you’re doing that.

Tip of the Week:

Indigestion is common in pregnancy. This can be avoided by following some simple instructions like eating slowly, chew well, take small meals to suit your changing digestive system. These few simple steps will help you overcome the problem of heart burn.

This will end your week 18 of pregnancy and are now even closer to giving birth to her little dear.

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