17 Years Old Boy Dies From Seizure After These Marks Form On His Neck!

July Macías González was 17-year-old boy from Mexico. While he was having his dinner began to squirm. His parents called the rescue vehicle, however, go even before we arrived.

The reason for his death is not epilepsy, or some hypersensitive response.

Specialists in the long run he discovered that Julio transmits a pacifier because your better half had put on his neck. Pacifier sucking, they say, made a blood clotting headed July and caused brain stroke.

A career teacher said in this regard. He pronounced:

“If somehow to move forward or generally damage the neck where the corridor carotid goes, it is conceivable [the damage] could bring enough for the damage tear vein and cause blood clotting to frame it could go to the brain and cause a stroke, “

you have to know this, because it is surprising for high Hickey is the reason of death.

Because of the last-mentioned, the condition is referred to as “magnificence stroke disorder room.”

The little damage in the neck bring about stroke. This can you see directly in the wake of washing her hair in her salon in light of the fact that the position where the head is, will deliver a stroke. You have to deal with this when you are at your hairdresser.

Among the casualties, the most commonly reported side effects are extreme migraines, neck glare and torment. This is followed by difficulty speaking, swallowing and / or use of one side of the body.

Watch the video what is more and everything will be clear to you.


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