17 Things No One Tells You About Breast Cancer

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1. Breast cancer is not something that can be overcome with willpower.


“I wish people would stop saying ‘Beat’ cancer. I saw a commercial the other day that featured a survivor of breast cancer saying that” you can do anything you set your mind to. “It’s not that simple. “

Miranda Hermanski, Facebook

2. And die of cancer does not mean someone did not fight enough.

And dying from cancer doesn't mean someone didn't fight hard enough.

Christinaloehr / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.com

“I wish people would stop using ‘he / she lost the battle, lost the fight’ for me, loser has a negative connotation and cancer is a disease, not a competition. My parents died of cancer, never they lost a battle, just got very sick and died. “

Ivan A. Cintron Columbus, Facebook

3. Breast cancer can strike anyone …

Breast cancer can hit anyone...

Airman Magazine / Creative Commons / Flickr Via: airmanmagazine

“I am a life of 30-year-old mother of two children with stage 4 breast cancer. I was diagnosed about a week after my 30th birthday. I would not forget that just because you’re young does not mean you’re invincible, and just because you are a parent does not mean you are exempt. “

-Nari Han Miller, Facebook

4. … Any age …


“I would know it was possible to get breast cancer as a teenager. When I go on dates with my mother, people always think that the patient is. I was very fortunate that my only treatment was surgery, but juggling school and breast surgery was not exactly easy. “

Beth Porch, Facebook

5. … And any genre.


My father was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last November. It is now in palliative care. Most men find it too late, because they are not looking. “


6. And most people do not know “why” get breast cancer.

And most people don't know 'why' they got breast cancer.

4thfullmood / Creative Commons / Flickr Via: 4thfullmoon

“No” do “anything of cancer. Not in my family, I do not eat the wrong foods. I just had bad cells. Stop asking why. I do not know.”

-Julianne Beach, Facebook

7. Sometimes, all pink ribbons and popular races can be isolating and distraction.

Pifate / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.com

Susan G. Komen / Creative Commons / Flickr Via: susangkomenforthecure

“The party atmosphere that often surrounds tape promotions pink and campaigns hides the harsh devastating effects of breast cancer. We are not celebrating a holiday. This is not a sporting event on the side carrying the most colors of your team wins. Many women affected by breast cancer are concerned with how the culture of marketing pink has distracted us from the goal of a cure, and as someone diagnosed with the disease in 2011, I I feel the same way. ”

Gryszka Camille Miller, Facebook

8. The fact that someone seems incredibly brave, that does not mean they are not also scared shitless.

Just because someone seems incredibly brave, that doesn't mean they aren't also scared shitless.

Laura Taylor / Creative Commons / Flickr Via: bookgrl

“Scars can be scary, and at the same time feels brave to get through this fight, I always wonder if you’ll have another, and part of that, even if it is in the background, worries about that current or future partners could be bothered by them. ”


9. can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about her breast cancer.

It can be awkward and uncomfortable to talk about your breast cancer.

Ana Borges / Via buzzfeed.com

“I would like to have known that it is incredibly difficult to speak in certain social situations, especially work, and to not put me down and feel uncomfortable for being uncomfortable with it.”

-Kalin Delfino, Facebook

10. But please, not be separated from friends who are sick.

Jenny Chang / Via buzzfeed.com

“I surrender because they do not know what to say hurts more than you say something wrong I do not need my friends to solve my problems;. I just need my friends.”

Andrea Reynolds, Facebook

11. If you have no idea where to start, just ask how you can help.

If you have no idea where to start, just ask how you can help.

BuzzFeed Life

“if you want to help someone with breast cancer, bring a meal to freeze. Driving children to school, or offer to lead to treatments and sit through them with them. Giving money to family Real in need. Babysit. Wash your car. it helps with the little things that seem less important at the time. I liked more than any silly pink ribbon. “


12. catchy slogans can publicize, but are not always useful and relevant.


“I wish people would stop saying” save the tatas’, etc … There is a person worth saving all there -. Not only breasts “


13. While positivity is always welcome, please do not belittle the seriousness of this disease.

While positivity is always welcome, please don't downplay the severity of this disease.

Monthian / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.com

“It is not good because it is” only breast cancer ‘instead of a “worst cancer.'”


14. And remember, you have a mastectomy with breast reconstruction surgery is not really the same as a typical breast augmentation.


“I wish my friends who had breast augmentation surgery would not have compared her with my reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy. You.


15. Even when someone appears to be healthy, that does not mean it is still not dealing with mental, physical or emotional aspects of the disease.


“I wish people would stop using the term” cancer free “since it is never really” free “cancer.”

along Kelly, Facebook

16. Because sometimes what comes after treatment of breast cancer can be the hardest part.

Because sometimes what comes after breast cancer treatment can be the hardest part.

Jenny Chang / Via buzzfeed.com

“The sense of the struggle to survive leaves and you’re left with depression, anxiety, debt, lack of job opportunities, lack of romantic prospects, fear of cancer recurrence and a load of other issues that none of the doctors ever address what remains is only to find out the clusterfuck that is now his life his family cancer -.. other people with cancer who meet along the way – will become your family whole life and be people who really understand what is happening “



17. Above all, be there for your loved ones living with breast cancer, and remind them how important they really are.

Above all, be there for your loved ones living with breast cancer, and remind them of how important they truly are.

Ana Borges / Via buzzfeed.com

“I would like to remind myself every day that I’m not dying of cancer, but living with cancer. I wish I could remind myself every day that I’d rather have this life that is not life.”

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