[16 Herbs]: How to lose weight naturally

Adding herbs to your diet is an easy way to lose weight naturally and a lot of time these elements are neglected support for. These appetite suppressants herbal can help reduce calorie intake and increase your metabolism rate and obtaining diuretic properties. In addition, providing the body with vitamins and minerals.

These plants can be used as seeds or fruits, leaves, roots and spices added to facilitate their daily calorie burn and accumulated in the body fat meals.

weight loss herbs

16 best herbs for weight loss:

1- plantain seeds

There are several types of banana as Plantago ovata and Plantago psyllium and Plantago Indica and these three types are used for thousands of years. The banana is grown on a large scale for their skins and seeds, it used to treat intestinal problems.

Italian researchers conducted a study that provides 3 grams of dissolved banana seeds in water for two groups of obese. The two groups were following the same diet, however, the banana group lost weight at a rate of 60% compared to those who did not take the banana. In another study, Russian scientists have discovered that reducing the influence of the weight was the result of gel material in the seeds of plants.

2- red pepper (chilies)

There are two types of red pepper, either long or circular. The Institute of Technology Oxford conducted a study in which they measured the rate of metabolism when obese people using a balanced diet, as they add a small teaspoon of red pepper and mustard powder for every meal. The study showed that people who added red and mustard pepper increased their metabolism rate by 25%. Therefore, they said, if you want to lose weight for a shorter time, then you need to add the red pepper and mustard to your food.

3- chickweed

This plant is known for the loss of weight and scientifically known as (Stellaria media). You can be added to salads or boiled with other vegetables. Chickweed originated in Europe and Asia, although it exists today in most regions of the world. Triterpenes and flavonoids containing materials, krbotxolin acids and vitamin C.

4- evening primrose

This North American plant does not exceed 20 cm. the leaves and seeds are used both; its seeds contain an oil that is rich in essential fatty acids and taking three small spoonfuls of this oil can help drastically reduce obesity.

5- Pineapple

pineapples are considered one of the best fruits to lose weight, especially that we know pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that helps digest proteins and fat burning.

6- walnut

despite the fact that nuts are high in fat and should not be eaten , conducted a study of 25,000 people who received a handful of nuts a day and surprisingly found that his weight was significantly reduced and the reason is that nuts contain Cerotonin that helps make the person feel fuller . Therefore, nuts are not as bad as some claim, and may be a good choice for snack satiety.

7- fennel

fennel is one of the natural reducing weight, especially its leaves and stems, roots. The method is taking 35 grams of powdered fennel and soak it in about half a liter of cold water and then place it over low heat and boil for 15 minutes and let stand for 25 minutes to cool down. Drink a cup after lunch and one after dinner.

8- Meadowsweet

Also called the meadowsweet, scientifically known as meadowsweet Filipendula and Gelokozydat Flavonah and contains phenolic acid and tannins volatile oil. The path to take is to use a teaspoon of meadowsweet and soak it in a cup of boiling water, cover the cup and simmer overnight and in the morning, drain and drink on an empty stomach before breakfast at the rate of one cup one day, until the desired weight is reached.

9- vine leaves

Take 50 grams of dried grape leaves powder and soak in a liter of cold water and place over medium heat until boiling and let cool for 15 minutes, drink three cups after meals. Grapefruit is very effective as a whole to reduce weight naturally.

10- Apple cider vinegar

Add apple cider vinegar a glass of water and mix well, drink this after each meal a day. home use of apple cider vinegar is advised because the purity and quality of those sold in the market is not known.

11- onion

teaspon drink a small onion juice a day and can be mixed with fruit juice, but not canned juice.

12- Lion Pie

also called Alchemilla, grown in the UK and Europe. This plant contains tannins and salicylic acid and found in most stores herbalist. You can add a Smal teaspoon of powder standing lion in a cup of water and put the pot on the fire until boiling and then let it cool, drink a cup of this tea after breakfast and another after dinner day consecutive.

13- celery

fresh Celer contains vitamins, especially vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals such as iron, iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper and phosphorus. Celery can be eaten raw or as juice and considered one of the best herbs to lose weight, but not advised to take for those who suffer from intetine and digestion problems.

14- Pears

Fresh ripe pears are one of the fruits rich in potassium, which helps put large amounts of water from the body and at the same time, does not contain element sodium, which helps the water to accumulate in the body. It is also low in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals, so it is an ideal for weight loss and as a whole fruit morsel alone, because it contains all of the above materials.

15- cumin seeds and lemon

Add half a teaspoon of cumin powder to a cup of boiling water and mix well, then a lemon is cut and put into the cup, along with its peel and seeds, cover the cup and leave for 12 hours and then this mixture filtered and only drink liquid fasting every day to reach the ideal weight.

16- white radish

showed his white radish effectiveness and success in studies, which were conducted in most plant foods, to see its effects on body tissues, caused it adds to the food that is recommended for a loss and diet healthy weight.

studies have shown that white helps to melt the excess fat, get rid of excess weight, especially in viable areas such as the buttocks, hips and abdomen radish.

Nutrition experts said

plants herbal are one of the most important methods in the diet to enjoy agility, vitality and health. Increasing fruits and vegetables does not help to get rid of obesity alone, but also brings a lot of benefits for the heart and arteries, as well as its role in the prevention of chronic diseases, especially diabetes and cancer.

weight loss tips:

  1. a balanced diet and avoid excessive consumption.
  2. Excersice a day for at least half an hour a day, swimming, running, biking, if possible.
  3. Decreased intake of calories and watch labels when puchasing. [ Calories Calculaor ].
  4. Drink any grapefruit and carrots, lemon juice on a daily basis.
  5. advised to eat raw cabbage, because it reduces the weight and generates urine.
  6. Avoid. Rice, white bread, pasta, soft drinks and foods high in fat and calories
  7. Do not eat right before bed at night.
  8. keep your dinner light, like a cup of yogurt and some fruit only.
  9. avoid using margarine or butter or oil rich in fats.
  10. you can drink tea or coffee, but no extra sugar or milk (one cup a day).
  11. drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  12. Cook vegetables in water without the addition of Maggi cubes.
  13. If you still feel hungry, you can eat any amount of cucumber or lettuce or carrots.

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that’s all
What is your favorite herb mentioned above for weight loss?

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