15 Things We Wish Someone had Told Us About being Pregnant

1. emotions in the tide:

during warm feeling of women during pregnancy tend to ramp up very often and even the slightest contact its counterpart. Well, that’s because of their huge breasts and vulva continuous operation, with the feeling of having sex all day or can completely on their side. All this is normal and will improve over time.

2. Health problems:

Going to be a mother is a beautiful feeling, but first three months can be a bit difficult for your body to get used to some changes. The feeling of nausea during the first trimester can aspire. On the other hand the chances of miscarriage are at their highest point this time. Pregnant women should take better care of your baby during this time.

15 Things We Wish Someone had Told Us About being Pregnant

3. Clarify misconceptions:

If you have any misconception feel pain during pregnancy only the pain of childbirth or delivery time below , women have a wrong knowledge. Are subjected to a lot of problems such as swelling, enlarged uterus causes pain in the abdominal region. Problems can vary women.Some get sciatica or pain in your hips.

4. A new look:

You can not hide the fact that you are pregnant, but do not be embarrassed by the comments of foreigners in relation to the size of your belly or personal questions regarding child care or you. Be prepared for all these things and feel happy and privileged to be a mother.

5. Excessive Download:

A lot of vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) will make you feel damp around legs, but everything happens because estrogen production in large quantities, softening of the cells of the cervix and around all that combined with hormonal changes. You need not worry at all until the download is quite smelly, thick, green or bloodstained intimating an infection.

6. Health Issues:

that are required to be a victim of constipation and hemorrhoids. To avoid this, you should intake of a large amount of water and fibers.

7. Diet:

Calcium intake is essential during pregnancy, found in products milk, soy milk, orange juice, water, etc. Take the advice of your doctor of other components of the diet required.

8. Chemicals and emotional changes:

Due to the huge amount of chemicals and emotional changes that your body is experiencing may tend to have a new warm and relaxing smell her perfume totally deprived of its real fragrance.

9. Feeling close to family:

The emotional changes in the mother receive their nearest your husband and parents. Now you can go through the same feelings as did their parents during their time. The sense of excitement in both makes you feel happy.

10. Phew, it’s hot:

Normal temperatures give you a double effect of heat during pregnancy . Collectors metabolic rate increases due to the hormones that make it harder to cope with sweat. light and loose clothing can help relieve a bit since heatstroke.

11. Mood swings:

During the first and last quarter may undergo strange mood changes . Sometimes it feels like your heart mourn, even at the slightest provocation, you get terrified and, on the other hand your shots temperament too high.

12. Say no to drinks

Increase iron intake and restricting himself same tea and coffee is very important during this time as these drinks can hinder iron absorption by the body.

13. Pain Relief:

The pregnant woman can reduce the intensity of pain during childbirth by rubbing almond oil on your perineum after week 32. Even helps you rip least during delivery and use of stretching.

14. Banana is a blessing:

The problem of morning sickness is much more when It has an empty stomach. I’d rather eat a banana at night or when you have to go to the bathroom.

15. Beware:

If you have itchy stomachs during pregnancy, then it’s better be careful because in rare cases can lead to serious liver disorder.

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