14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Chemtrails, GMOS, Flouridated Water, and other Environmental Toxins

most likely you have noticed these chemtrails sprayed on your neighborhood, or just listen to the latest information about the high rate of mortality in colonies of honeybees due to toxins released into the environment, and sure you will agree that we must find a solution to this issue as soon as possible.

We must take care of our health and stop poisoning our support for greedy governments, as a puppet of big business. Let’s start even the topic fluoridated water, oil spills, polluted air and water.

Research carried out in 1900 showed that the human body itself can not stand the environmental toxicity without any help, although it is strong enough to handle all potential toxins, including metals, even heavy.

Maybe it’s just our body that is a heavy burden, and now intelligence humans simply strained at its peak. It’s like you either get used to the toxins that have government support, or simply die.

Pending a positive decision of both Congress and Senate is not what to do. Start using your power for your own good! Get radical, inform your friends and the world, even if it becomes demagoguery.

When this all started, we could ignore warnings about the dangers of bullying our food, air and soil, but then the EPA and FDA, puppet institutions usually placate both farmers and citizens that their concerns are actually benign, announced that pesticides are harmful to our health, which means it’s time to set things right, even though this confession was actually something we knew long before.

If you still did not report what was already obvious, insurance aspiring to lose even the little respect in social and political circles. They have already lost the support of his most loyal followers.

Our blood and bone contains over 85,000 different toxins

we live in a toxic world, and a number of studies show that our blood and bones contain about 85 000 chemical pollutants. We are now exposed to depleted uranium bombs, nuclear energy sites, and chemicals such as Agent Orange and toxic mold, and the list seems endless.

Toxins are now part of the genetic make-up and seep into our cells, causing cancer, depression, dementia and many other disorders.

These poisons affect intelligence and the immune system so that it can no longer fight even a simple virus. Hormones also get scared and children start puberty too early, and fetuses do not develop properly.

The number of children diagnosed with ADHD, ADHD, and autism is higher than ever. Our weight increases abnormally, and often feel tired, because our toxic bodies can not metabolize fat and protein correctly.

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