14 Products for Smoother Skin from Neck to Knees

With summer in full swing, it is time to show our body a little maintenance. We spend so much time and effort on our faces that we lose sight of everything below the chin. Our neck and knees, for example, can be unforgiving witnesses. Happily, body products go beyond basic lotion these days and can be truly transformative. Here are some of my favorites, including some of the new discoveries, for smoother skin from the neck to the knees.

neck and neck benefactors

Dr. Dennis Gross ferulic and fortifying neck Retinol Emulsion ($ 75 in store)
I’ve been on a mission to find some creams good neck and in the past year, we have added three to the store, from this serum cult favorite companies and resurfaces skin. It has won praise from the community, such as “amazing” and “perfect” and I just bought my second bottle!

Soleil Toujours Daily Anti-Aging Serum feed for the face and neck ($ 145 in store)
Manufactured with EcoSunComplex – red algae ester, vitamin C, vitamin E and bisabolol – this serum is the choice for the summer. Each of these active ingredients acts as a natural SPF booster while firming and smoothing the skin.

intensive SimySkin Ultra Lift Neck Serum Phase II 45 ($ 85 in store)
pullulan, a film forming, provides satisfaction immediately, but this option also works in the long run with collagen-boosting Matrixyl 3000.

Truth vitality Renew Lux ($ 279 in store)
ultrasound and LED make a big difference in the neck and chest. Although always scrupulous in welding Lux to my face, I have to admit I was a little careless in my use of the vitality Truth Lux Renew below the chin. A concerted effort in the last six months is paying off with a softer neck and rings less pronounced trees.

We are also testing a new brand of Truth in the favorite aging community, SkinOwl, so watch this space.

exfoliants Allover

ADSM Beverly Hills glycolic acid lotion Complex ($ 35 in store)
This it is a good example to find! Although powerfully formulated with 15 percent of glycolic acid and lactic acid 5 percent (exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids), is a comfortable lotion, body-tingling never softens and brightens the skin. It is ideal for wrinkle Crépey areas such as knees, but enough to be used as normal hydration body lotion. In addition to vitamin E, there honey, pineapple and papaya extracts.

Arcona pumpkin Lotion 10% ($ 35 in store)
A bit on the side of tingling, I reserve this product for tougher skin elbows and knees. However, each has a different tolerance and this is an excellent cream gloss. It’s not your traditional body moisturizer and must be addressed in moderation in the areas of hyperpigmentation.

Stemulation Micro Derm Scrub ($ 34 in store)
This gentle scrub can be used on the face and body, and with a tube 8 ounce can definitely justify treating your body from time to time. Interesting active substances include diatomaceous earth, a fine powder made from shredded pieces of soft rock, natural sedimentary, and one of my favorites of all time, Silybum. Actually it gives the skin a nice glow.

anti-aging lotions

CBD for the life of the body massage lotion ($ 22.99 in Store)
As mentioned above, glycolic body lotion ADSM is also moisturizing and for many people could be on a regular lotion post-shower. Another very good basic life is CDB body massage lotion. active cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help treat acne disorders and skin. I’m on my second tube of these things.

Sciote Firming Body Lotion ($ 40 in store)
For more than a heavyweight, look at Sciote. dry skin types tend to find this body lotion extremely helpful, and poster glaucina head ingredient is supposed to help with cellulite. Another advantage: It comes in three fragrances that are more sophisticated than your average body lotions

Stemulation Repeat Body Lotion ($ 98 in store).
I used to be a lone voice in the Truth in aging community, exposing the wonderful effects of Stemulation Repeat. But I am pleased to note that it has acquired a cult object. It is the only body lotion that comes to mind with the conditioned media of human stem cells. There are also narrow pepper extracts supporting tissue skin and antioxidant nutsedge. Crepey really help, sagging skin and a little goes a long way (besides that you can always alternate with one of the lowest-priced lotions).

Bee’s Knees

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pad ($ 88 in store)
After using one in the face and neck, I give my knees and elbows a quick hit before throwing. I feel I’m really getting my money’s worth and my knees are definitely thanking me.

Chemical Retin oil Deciem hand ($ 20 in store)
Wrinkly knees will bend to it – trust me. unslightly blows to the arms, stretch marks and scars have also been improved with the use of this multi-vitamin dry body oil. Note the word dry; It is not a fatty oil and is intended to benefit the troubled areas with a non-irritating form of retinol.

Sun protectors

Dr. Dennis Gross’Alpha Beta Glow body cushion ($ 45 in store)
Improve skin texture and look sun-kissed simultaneously with these wipes is given. AHA improve skin texture and tone, vitamin D and caffeine give a boost brightness, and there is even an ingredient that minimizes hair growth so you can go longer between shaving.

Suntegrity natural sunscreen mineral Body SPF 30 ($ 24 in store)
This is my pick for sun protection: Has oxide nano zinc not to cover more antioxidants organic green tea, cucumber and pomegrante seed oil to combat free radicals.

This is only a sample of what we have for the body shop aging really . Browse around and find products that make daring enough to leave her sarong.

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