13th Week of Pregnancy

Week 13 marks the beginning of the second quarter. It is the time when the mother has to take great care of your body for the welfare of the baby.

The development of the baby:

  • The baby weighs about 20 grams at this time and duration is about 3 inches.
  • The baby, AOS unique set of fingerprints have already formed at this point.
  • developing the larynx and vocal cords are completed.
  • The baby, AOS eyelids remain closed while the eyes are still forming.
  • Bones and skull and ribs are hardening can start developing now.
  • If you are going to have a girl, eggs for full reproductive life are now present in her ovaries.
  • At this point, the skin is very thin. Veins and organs baby, AOS can be clearly seen through it.

13th Week of Pregnancy

Changes in the mother:

most women start to show a little tummy now, so now people can see that she is expecting.

  • The mother gains around 2 pounds each week during this period, although it can vary from one woman to another.
  • The uterus continues to grow larger to accommodate the growing baby.
  • At week 13, all early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea and frequent urination disappear. This causes a significant increase in the energy levels of the mother increase.
  • The pregnancy hormones estrogen and progesterone stimulate milk production in the glands of the body. The size of the breasts also increases due to hormones.
  • The acidity and constipation is a common symptom of pregnancy during pregnancy.
  • Some women may suffer from a bacterial infection called vaginal discharge causing a flow of white. It is very common and mostly stops by itself.

Annex with the baby:

The lucky mothers are able to see your baby sucking his thumb or making a fist in ultrasound images. As worrying signs like vomiting now are not present, the mother is finally able to connect with your baby. At this stage, happiness and excitement mother, double AOS. Knowing about your baby growing its elates and is beginning to make plans for your baby, even though birth is months away.


At the end of the first quarter, the chances of miscarriage are down. However, you should consult a doctor immediately if severe pain or heavy bleeding, suddenly.

Many women suffer from heartburn. To avoid this, they should take small meals frequently instead of taking two or more heavy meals. Additionally, water intake should be increased.

One must have a doctor’s appointment for the second check regularly now.

Tips father

Your partner is growing, and is visible to you and others now. It is important that support is maintained during this period. Although it might not be looking as beautiful as it looked before, they never ever make fun of their size. Recognize everything that is giving to the baby and homework help as it can not handle alone.

As women feel full of energy now, you can grab this opportunity to have some fun, such as going to a movie or dinner.


It is essential that the diet is nutritious and balanced. Restricting their impulses junk food binges as they could cause significant weight gain without feeding the body properly.

iron, calcium and protein are three nutrients that are a must in the diet mother, AOS for good health of the baby. Try to include a number of beans, tofu, lean red meat, spinach, milk, dairy products, citrus and nuts in your diet, as they are good nutrient supplements mentioned.

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