13 Ways to Use Aluminum Foil You Didn’t Know

There is almost no household that has no paper towels available. It is one of the most practical things that mankind has ever invented.

is vital for every kitchen, because it can be used in many ways . Here are 13 ways to use it could not have imagined.

1. Stop the edges of a cake burns covering them with aluminum foil. The foil will prevent the outer edges of the burns and the rest of the cake is baked perfectly fine.

2. Create special shaped cake pans. Form a double layer of high strength aluminum and make the way you want it in a cake pan.

3. soften hardened brown sugar and restore it to its original state to cut a piece. Roll on kitchen paper and bake in the oven for 5 minutes at 150 ° C. The sugar will return to its original state and can be used for espresso or your favorite cake.

4. Decorate your cake with foil instead of a pastry bag. Make a pastry bag single use by forming a tube of the sheet. The good news is to be used only once, so you do not have to wash it.

5. Keep warm bread and pastries. Roll your freshly baked bread or cake in foil. The sheet will remain in the freshness and warmth for quite some time.

6. collect dripping ice cream cone. Wrap the bottom of an ice cream cone with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent their children making a mess.

7. Make your favorite gloss silver. You cover the base of a dish with foil, pour a little water and two tablespoons of salt. Put the cutlery in this mixture and wait three minutes. Let it dry and then make it really shine by rubbing it with a piece of cotton cloth.

8. Improving the efficiency of the radiator. If you want to maximize your old radiators, aluminum paper thick aluminum tape adhesive a piece of cardboard, so that the shiny side facing outward, then put cardboard between the wall and the radiator. The side of the blade should be turned to the radiator. Thus the foil reflects heat instead of being absorbed by the walls.

9. sharpen scissors. If you have scissors dull and a piece of paper, consider your problem solved! Fold a paper strip several times and then simply cut with scissors at least three or four times. It’s as easy as that.

10 . Move furniture with ease and without damaging the floor with only pieces of paper put under the legs. Put the dull side of the blade down, as it is more slippery than the bright side.

11 . Make a ball of foil and use it to clean the pots, dishes and barbecue. Clean your jewelry, covering the bottom of the pan with foil and then add some laundry detergent. After that, simply wash and let it dry. Your jewelry will look like new.

12 . Clean plate to go over it a few times with a piece of aluminum foil.

13 . To protect plants against insects, put pieces of aluminum foil between them.

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