12 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

If you’re already eating a lot of the following foods that lower cholesterol naturally, keep up the good work! But if your idea of ​​eating well is to opt for the “buttered popcorn” instead of “popcorn extra butter,” consider adding these nutrients to your diet today:

1. oats

If you are looking to lower cholesterol, the key may be simply changing your morning meal. Switch to breakfast to contain two servings of oats can lower LDL cholesterol by 5.3% in just 6 weeks. The key to this destructor cholesterol is beta-glucan, a substance which absorbs in oats LDL, which then excretes body.

2. The red wine

Scientists are giving us yet another reason to drink to our health. It turns out that high-fiber Tempranillo red grapes, used to make red wine, may actually have a significant effect in reducing cholesterol levels. A study by the department of metabolism and nutrition at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain found that when individuals consumed the same grape supplement found in red wine, LDL levels decreased by 9%. Also, those who had high levels of cholesterol entering the study there was a 12% decrease in LDL cholesterol. So go ahead and have a glass of that benefit to lower cholesterol.

3. The salmon and fatty fish

omega-3 fats are one of the natural wonders of the world’s health and has been shown to protect against disease heart, dementia, and many other diseases. Now these fatty acids can be added another health benefit of their repertoire: lowering cholesterol. According to a study by the University of Loma Linda, replacing fat with omega-3, such as those found in salmon, sardines and herring saturated can increase good cholesterol by up to 4%.

4. Nuts

If you are looking for that perfect snack food that lowers cholesterol levels, research shows that the work should be done! In a study published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , people who noshed on 1.5 ounces of whole walnuts 6 days a week for 1 month lowered their total cholesterol by 5.4% and LDL cholesterol by 9.3%. Almonds and cashews are other good options. However, while nuts are heart healthy, they are also high in calories. Portion control practice to 1.5 ounces is about a glass and a half. Use a glass to measure your hand so you can see exactly how it looks.

5. Tea

While tea has become well known for its antioxidant properties that fight cancer, but also a great defense against levels LDL cholesterol. According to research conducted with the USDA, black tea has been shown to reduce blood lipids by up to 10% in just 3 weeks. These results were completed in a wider range of how tea can also help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease study.

6. Beans

Beans, beans, they really are good for the heart. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Arizona found that adding ½ cup of beans to soup lowers total cholesterol, including LDL, by up to 8%. The key to this heart-healthy food that lowers cholesterol is its abundance of fiber, which has been shown to reduce the rate and amount of absorption of cholesterol in certain foods. Try black, kidney or pinto beans; each supplies about a third of your daily fiber needs.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is a food that lowers cholesterol. This powerful antioxidant helps build HDL cholesterol levels. In a 2007 study published in AJCN , participants given cocoa powder had a 24% increase in HDL levels over 12 weeks, compared with an increase of 5% in the control group. Remember to choose the dark or bittersweet kind. Compared with milk chocolate, which has more than 3 times the amount of antioxidants, which prevent platelets from sticking together and may even keep arteries clear of obstructions.

8. Margarine

Switching to a margarine with plant sterols can help lower cholesterol. Plant sterols are compounds that reduce cholesterol absorption. A study published in AJCN found that women who had a diet higher plant sterol were able to reduce total cholesterol by 3.5%.

9. Garlic

Aside from adding zing to almost any dish, garlic makes the list of foods that lower cholesterol. It has also been found to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure and protect against infection. Now research finds that helps stop plaque that clogs the arteries in its early stages, keeping cholesterol particles from sticking to artery walls. Try two to four fresh cloves a day of this powerful anti-cholesterol foods.

10. Olive oil

This common cooking ingredient can help your health. Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fatty acids heart healthy (MUFAs), which lower LDL and have the positive side effect of trimming belly fat. They use it to make your own salad dressings, marinate chicken and fish or grilled vegetables.

11. Spinach

This popular green food that lowers cholesterol contains a lot of lutein, sun-yellow pigment found in plant leaves and buds egg dark green. Lutein already has a reputation “gold standard” for protection against macular degeneration related to age, the leading cause of blindness. Now research suggests that just half a cup of lutein-rich food daily also guards against heart attacks by helping artery walls cholesterol invaders that cause clogging “ignore case”. Look for bags of baby spinach leaves that can be used for salads or pop in the microwave for a quick side dish.

12. Avocado

Avocados are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats for the heart, a type of fat that can actually help raise HDL cholesterol while that lowering LDL. And, more than any other fruit, this delicious food packs cholesterol-smashing beta-sitosterol, a beneficial plant-based fat that reduces cholesterol absorption from food. Since avocados are a bit high in calories and fat (300 calories and 30 g of fat per avocado), use them sparingly.

Source: www.prevention.com

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