11th Week of Pregnancy

Being a mother is a more difficult thing in life, but also rewarding. When even a speck of seconds you forget all your pains and diseases, with an angelic smile of his own party.

How big is your baby?

In the eleventh week the baby is now ready to be called a fetus. Now, with a length of about 1.5 to 2 inches and a weight of about 8 grams, begins to develop quickly.

11th Week of Pregnancy

baby growth and development

At this stage more or less all parties are completely though they are very small in size. The intestines and lungs are in a stage of development that results in supplementation of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. The sexual organs are developed but are not visible from the outside. The head is equivalent to half the length of the fetus and ears start the game from the neck to the head. The baby has a very thin skin and can move easily, beating and kicking in the womb of the mother. The fingers are separated and nails grow by this time accompanied by the increasingly difficult bones.


(a) How can you feel?

One of the most common things during pregnancy is that mothers feel very tired. All they want to do is sit or sleep. During this time there are many possibilities for the mother to gain weight and therefore pregnant women should do light exercises that do not affect the baby. These mild exercises help reduce tensions and keep them healthy and fit well.

(b) Changes in the body

Although the problem of disease is very relieved the morning but the eleventh week trunks with a number of other problems. At this stage there are many physical changes such as the possibility of weight gain and a slight bulge in the abdominal region due to the enlarged uterus and sink in the pelvis. Hormonal changes also translates into a much faster lengthening nails and hair. On the other hand her breasts have improved during this period.

(c) common problems

In addition to the physical changes that other common problems associated week 11 pregnancy.

  • feeling much warmer
  • Bloating
  • messy spit
  • in the section of a particular food
  • dizziness Uncommon
  • frequent urination
  • And in less feeling of nausea cases.

How parents can help mom

Parents now They must assume most of the responsibilities. Now they must be responsible for the housekeeping department as pregnant women should stay away from toxic chemicals found in cleaning products. Also pregnant women should be kept in a clean environment so parents should ensure that everything is clean and maintained.

should also support and deal with mood changes quite common during pregnancy. They can also help by making small works of the houses of their wives, that would completely happy.


Pregnant women should take precautions for their eating habits and cleanliness as it can seriously affect the health of the child. Moreover avoid alcohol, smoking and smokers. Working in appearance, but avoid excessive use of dyes, as it can damage the nervous system of the child and make it more susceptible to cancer by damaging their tissues. Even hair straightening is detrimental.

diet chart

An intake of a healthy and balanced diet is essential during the period of growth baby as the most important organs are formed during the first three months of pregnancy. The three most inevitable components during pregnancy are iron, folic acid and calcium. In addition to this you must eat foods that are rich in minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. and avoid junk foods and beverages. Avoid being specific food and skipping any meal.

common test in week 11 of pregnancy

10-12 week are best suited for the prenatal testing to avoid any genetic defect followed by ultrasound and blood tests as another way to check for genetic problems, and the level of hemoglobin in the blood. All pregnant women should take more care dental hygiene to avoid the gums due to hormonal changes and increased the amount of blood bleeding.

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