10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Pregnant Partner

1. “Whoa! Are you eating again?”

increased appetite his partner in the second trimester of pregnancy is totally normal because (Hey!) There’s a baby growing inside her. You, on the other hand, has no excuse for the 30 chicken wings polished during the game, so keep yapper closed.

2. “This beer is so refreshing! Man, certainly not hit the spot!”

is not supposed to

Pregnanf women to drink (and may not be very happy about it) so it’s best not to make a big show of how much he is enjoying his drink for adults, especially if you have decided to abstain against solidarity.

3. “Caray, the safe house is messy.”

If you ever feel the urge to say this, stop and spend a few minutes sitting up instead. It will make your life (and your partner) much happier.

4 color daycare? Eh, I do not care. Whatever you want. “
When your partner asks for your opinion is less because you’re an expert in colors of the room, and because she wants to see you’re so invested in pregnancy as she was. Therefore, even if you I could not care less about paint colors, you should get your ass off the couch and “ooh” and “aah” in tones indistinguishable green you are considering.

5. “you want to talk about names baby again? “
Selecting a name for your child is one of the first really important things you do as a parent, so you must act enthusiastic, even if you spent the same names every night for weeks.

6. “Why do we have to keep buying baby clothes?”

shopping for these things helps a woman feel prepared, so if she wants to go shopping for tiny high-tops or a bow tie baby, just do it.

7. “hurry up!”
Pregnant women tend to waddle (which also would if you had a human being growing inside you), so you probably will not get a very warm reaction if they were reprimanded for not being Speedy Gonzalez.

8. “Are you crying serious about this?”
Your partner is experiencing all kinds of hormonal changes, so if she inexplicably finds herself crying because she is out of pretzels, let it slide.

9. “Sorry, honey, the store has no banana cream pies, so I have a banana.”

one pregnant woman cravings are intense, man. If you are sent outside the house on a mission to meet one, you’d better not come back until you have found what he wanted. Repeat:. For your safety and the safety of others do not return empty-handed

10. “I flipped through books of baby this morning, so I’m good to go with this parenting thing children.”
“Flipping” a manual for something you bought at Best Buy is fine, but this is a real human being. Do yourself – and your partner – a favor and read the damn books. You will be glad you did when the baby arrives.

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