10 Things No One Told You About Labor

Now you’re pregnant, preparing to welcome the baby should be in full swing. Most couples join classes pregnancy, read countless books and shop for your new extravagantly. This is just so they could be at their best during labor and when the baby finally arrives. However, there are a number of things, no one telling others about the work process. Such knowledge can not be obtained from books and the Internet.

10 Things No One Told You About Labor

1. Your partner is equally freaked as soon as labor pains begin, the female fragile and nervous and tense and starts to be annoying. Pregnancy hormones ravage the mood of the mother. It is not surprising that the process is difficult for her, but is no less stressful for your partner. Is supposed to handle everything in the hospital, family members manage over-excited and most importantly, calm your partner when they could be at its worst. Most men can not handle this pressure. They can not bear to see a loved one to endure so much pain and scream loud.So is advisable to have a friend to support him as well. This would make the mother less nervous too.

2. forgets everything he knows: In most cases, what has been learned in recent months pregnancy in classes forget at that time. Tension and pain can easily overpower his voice of reason. All these positions are learned to relieve pain and make the process easy, could only be a waste as your mind goes blank.

3. It can act completely crazy: Due to the varying levels of estrogen and progesterone, women generally begin to mourn, crying or screaming at others during childbirth. They may curse the person standing next to them, either your doctor or husband. Most physicians are familiar with this type of situations and can handle perfectly well.

4. There can be unpleasant noises: As the baby pushes through the birth canal, it is possible to pass the gas well. This is because the air is forced out of the anus at the same time. This can be considered as an undesirable side effect of delivery, but it is quite natural at the time.

5. You may not fall in love with your child immediately: terrible as it may seem, this could be the case. This is because after the long and exhausting intervention that the mother has been through, she is extremely exhausted. The baby might not be a pleasant sight at the time you see him / her. But once your energy is recovered later, it will surely be more than happy for her newborn.

6. Your teeth can chat: have been no scientific knowledge related to why this happens, but many women experience chills and teeth talk during childbirth. Some people are of the opinion that this is because during delivery, a small amount of blood from the mother is mixed with the baby. If blood types are incompatible, the mother may feel cold and shiver.

7. You may vomit: This may be due to a variety of reasons, including the food consumed, the effect of anesthesia which has resulted in reduced blood pressure or simply because of the strong pain experienced. It can cause hypotension and lead to vomiting.

8. Each delivery is different: There is no standard time for work that out. This varies from person to person and while one of his friends may have blabbered endlessly about how their work went on for hours, theirs could be a prompt.

9. It is not necessary to wait for the right time If you insist on going by the book and noting all the symptoms of work preterm birth kickoff, it could be too late. You may have false alarms pregnancy but when you feel that going to the hospital is the right choice, no waiting unnecessarily.

10. Do not plan too: Each pair a birth plan is prepared, because they believe that by the time everything will go as they planned. However, in most cases they are wrong and, as a result, they get panicky. Should always be taken into account that a new life will come into your world, and is not the same as buying a sofa store. So everything you think, everything can not be executed according to your wishes at the time of delivery.

Therefore, it is correct to say that giving birth to a baby is a task is not easy. There may be many obstacles, but nothing compares to the pleasure of seeing her newborn. So do not let these facts dampen the mood. Stay tension free is the key to the health of your baby.

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