10 Seemingly Harmless Everyday Habits That Are Actually DESTROYING Your Spine

Our position can be affected by many things no matter how small or insignificant it may seem . From just drinking a soda standing in line with their weight resting on one leg, most of the things we do in life have a direct impact on the spine and affect our position that we you can configure for chronic pain later in life.

10 Everyday habits that ruin your posture

1. Crouching while looking at the phone (Text-neck)

10 pounds of unnecessary pressure is added for every inch of your head moves forward . Over time, this can increase the pain of neck and shoulder and can follow up on the upper back

Replace with: Neck stretching, yoga, upper back and shoulder stretches. Oh, and look up!

2. sit all day

If like many of us, you’re sitting at a desk all day in the same position, this can weaken muscles, shortened hip flexors (leading to the leg and hip pain), and can potentially curve of the upper back. There is an added risk of chronic disease, but more about that another time.

Replace with: Sitting up straight, using a yoga ball at your desk, and take frequent breaks to walk! This will help increase circulation and increase your mood.

3. On the way too

Slouching the wheel over long distances can cause muscle strain and blocking joints. Not to mention the intense concentration of the stress of driving in traffic and always on alert.

Replace with: walk or bike to work if you can; if not, try to limit long drives during travel. Or, you know, just sit even better! Stay closer to the wheel so you do not have to stretch your body in awkward positions to drive properly. This is safer for everyone, especially his precious spine.

4. Not getting enough rest

Not getting enough relaxation time can cause stress and tension increase muscular, especially in the back and neck, to thrive. Your body is not getting enough time to be able to repair itself. and can cause tight muscles that could lead to chronic pain.

Replace with :. Stretching, yoga every day, and the relaxation time

5. You are sleeping on an old mattress

We spend much of our lives sleeping, a mattress is so important! It can kill your posture and increase the risk of back pain.

Replace with: Start changing your mattress every 9 or 10 years before if you have back problems. Talk to your chiropractor, doctor or research online to find out what type of mattress is best for you.

6. carrying heavy purses and bags all day

heavy bags hurts your shoulders, back, and could even lead to an altered column. Your bag should not weigh more than 10% of their body weight when its got everything you need in it.

Replace with: Choose a light purse material such as cotton or cloth or imitation leather (vegetarian-friendly) then only the elements are being essential-a lint roller ? Keep it in your car, baby!

7. You are wearing the wrong shoes

High heels and sandals increase the risk of foot injuries and falls. You also have to arch your back with high, sandals heels and cause your feet to move from side to side. High heels have been shown to shorten realize their calf muscles over time

Replace with: You can still use these fun shoes, but keep them short time. ¿Dinner celebration? A walk to the beach? Penalty fee. Day events? Go for something more comfortable and safer for your back!

8. Lifting objects incorrectly

always use proper lifting procedure. If you are having trouble lifting, probably should not be lifting it, so stop!

Replace with: Try to lift with your legs and never twisting while lifting! Never attempt to lift heavy objects without someone there to help. Not worth going back injury!

9. Laziness!

Too much TV, lack of exercise, excess weight and binging during his “alone time” everyone can damage your posture and spinal health . Exercise helps tone muscles and keep fit!

Replace with: Rest is important, but so is exercise! Try to exercise at least three days a week for 30 minutes to an hour. You will be surprised how good it feels!

10. A sleeping the wrong way

do not sleep in the fetal position or on your stomach. This is a difficult habit to break, but his posture and spinal health will improve when you try to sleep on your back instead of curled up in a ball or stomach.

Replace with: Sleeping on your back is better, sleeping on your side (extended) is the next best

If you want your spine to last long without any chronic pain or discomfort, breaking habits is a necessity! It is difficult, but now that you know what habits are responsible for their poor posture and back pain, you can work to change them!

Source: theheartysoul

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