10 old Irish home remedies

Ireland is a land of tales and myths that are commonly thrown as accepted truths. Over generations and generations, these old Irish medicine priests have interwoven into the tissue of the Irish psyche.

While most people on Emerald Island will know that these ten ancient Irish medicines heal from beginning to end, some of you may wonder if they really work. The answer really is: some yes, others no. Take a look now and see which ones you know!

10. A hot water bottle

old irish home remedies

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Many Irish people will have enough memories of being under the weather and receiving a bottle of hot water.

It was / is as if the newly discovered heat snuggling in that water bottle miraculously caused any ailment to disappear at night. However, he often did.

9. Dry and burnt toast

old irish home remedies

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This is not the most attractive food, especially if you have a dry mouth before consuming it. In fact, dry and burnt toast would never sound really attractive, leaving your mouth dry.

Saying that Irish nurses have been swearing by this for generations, and we will not argue with them.

In Irish tradition, this would have been given to patients in hospitals or people with sick stomachs.

8. One tablespoon of brandy

old irish home remedies

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Brandy is a popular drink consumed in Ireland. And, it offers a double purpose, finding its way into the medicinal category, too.

Toothaches, gum infections and wisdom teeth are common ailments, which require your mommy to take brandy. They say a spoonful, and you'll be right as rain. And it is not a word of lies.

7. Sudocrem

old irish home remedies

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Sudocrem is an Irish antiseptic healing cream that was founded in Ireland in the 1930s.

Its thick and velvety texture offers super relaxing qualities and since the cream is aimed at diaper rash, it is extremely soft with the skin.

Today, Sudocrem is favored by Irish parents for most ailments. Burns and pressure sores, acne and skin irritation, as well as minor wounds and sunburn, are treated (effectively) in Ireland by Sudocrem.

6. spring leaves

old irish home remedies

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If you were born and raised in Ireland, you would know very well that the most effective way to stop the burn of a nettle sting is to rub a spring leaf.

Fortunately, these miraculous leaves (which hastily kill the stinging sensation) become neighbors to nettles, so they are never too difficult to find!

Interestingly, it is not the leaf of the spring that relieves the sting, but the refreshing sap that is released from the leaf when rubbed on the skin.

5. Toddy hot

old irish home remedies

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Sore throat? If you are from Ireland, you will surely know this one! The only answer is "hot toddy".

This drink consists of a drink (or two) of whiskey in hot water with lemon, clove or sometimes ginger. It is a popular winter drink and is often suggested for a cold or flu.

4. Guinness

old irish home remedies

I feel bad? Burning the candle at both ends? Of course it's nothing Guinness can't fix. As an Irish resident, you have probably heard that reasoning too many times.

Although we strive to understand where this random logic comes from, it is as Irish as possible and one of the most popular Irish home remedies.

3. A spoonful of honey

old irish home remedies

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This is another method to stop a common cold or sore throat. A spoonful of honey aims to cover the throat, as it is thick and relaxing, eliminating that horrible "tickling cough" and providing relief to the patient.

A spoonful of honey is consumed on its own, or is often added to tea, which makes it one of the most common Irish home remedies.

2. A cup of tea

old irish home remedies

Similar to Guinness in n. 4, this is simply "Irish reasoning" from beginning to end. A cup of tea, say Irish mammoths, can cure anything. And, while that is unfounded reasoning, you can't argue with an Irish mommy.

1. Flat 7 Up

old irish home remedies

The most common of all the old Irish home remedies is to drink without alcohol (as in a fizzy drink that has lost its effervescence) 7 Up.

It is hard to imagine finding an Irish person who has not heard of this familiar feat. In Ireland, this old school cure is given to people with a sick stomach and also to patients in a hospital. Along with their dry and burnt toast, of course (see # 9).

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