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(WellnessNova.com) – The fact that you can not avoid :. daily life is full of stress Invoices. Deadlines. It can be very difficult to find a consistent relief from headaches, upset stomach, and anxiety that accompany modern life. And while many individuals are based body massage for treatment first platform for stress and exhaustion, not everyone has the time or money for a regular visit to the masseur.

The good news is that there is a form of self-applied body work that can be performed at home in about 10 minutes. do not require visits to a massage office but can dramatically improve stress levels, reduce anxiety, and can even help with digestion patterns and sleep. All you need is big enough to lie on and around $ 5 worth of equipment from a mega-mall or shop local sporting goods firm, flat surface. The secret lies in a practice known as craniosacral therapy body.

Meet Craniosacral therapy

has never heard of craniosacral therapy? That’s fine, so have very few other people outside the community of alternative health. For the first time by Dr. John Upledger President of Upledger Institute craniosacral works by manipulating the fluid race along the bone cord from the skull to the sacrum (hence the name). This cerebrospinal fluid bathes the brain and spinal cord, which moves with a cycle all its own 6 to 12 times every minute, independent of heart rate or breathing.

As will scroll through the fluid-filled sac (known as the dura), from the top of the skull to the tip of the tail bone, which can reach obstacles along its path lead to various disturbances in the activity of the spinal cord and nerves all connected to it. A Craniosacral therapy serves to regulate and correct the movement of this fluid, restoring balance to the cerebro-spinal system.

In a clinic or practice massage, craniosacral therapy involve treatment of 60 to 90 minutes to the incorporation of a 10-step protocol. Most of this process is not possible for a person to perform alone -. That requires access to the postures and body parts that are simply not accessible while working solo

But the cornerstone of therapy, the still point induction, or “CV-4,” (named for the focus on the 4th cervical vertebra), conducted at the beginning and end of each treatment craniosacral can be done in the given country worth about 10 minutes of time and in one piece of equipment.

Why still-point induction?

The theory behind the still point induction is quite simple. The flow of cerebrospinal fluid is blocked temporarily, creating a wave of pressure in the system. When this wave is released, the fluid redistributes itself through the system and higher pressure than normal you can actually remove blockages within tissues and membranes of the system. [1]

The release of these blockages can have a number of positive effects on the body. This treatment has been used successfully to treat headaches, anxiety, stress and muscle tension. It can increase blood flow, reduce pulse rate, improve digestion, and is an important for a good night sleep factor. All systems in the body are connected to the “central highway” of the spine through the nervous and improve traffic flow improving road conditions inside the rest of the body system.

Getting Started

Everything you need to perform induction points is still a tool known as an inductor still points. These can be purchased through alternative magazines health care, in stores alternative health, or even online with prices ranging from $ 14,99 to $ 100. But you can do at home using nothing but two tennis balls (less than $ 5 at a supermarket or local sporting goods store) and two unused socks .

Place two tennis balls in a sock, and then tie a knot in the sock tightly, holding tennis balls in place. Then place the device in the second sock, tying it off in a knot on the opposite side. This will prevent the inner sock stretching as pressure is placed on the tennis balls inside.

Once the inductor is ready, induction point remains can begin.

Making the point induction Nature

. Step 1: prepare Wait until near the end of the day – the first treatment will leave a person feel relaxed and sleepy. This treatment requires a space with a firm surface to lie on. The session also could additionally be prepared with soft music, candles, maybe even a faint scent such as lavender or sandalwood – nothing conducive to relaxation. [2]

. Step 2: Start A timer should be set to 10 minutes. The inductor is placed behind the head, just at the point where the skull meets the spine. The two balls must be on each side of the small slit in the top of the neck.

. Step 3: Relax Although it may feel strange at first, keep in mind that there is no possibility of injury in performing this procedure. Allow the weight of the head and neck to rest in the inductor. You can close your eyes when trying to achieve a state of calm meditation. thoughts and emotions come into mind – this is completely normal . No special effort should be made to keep a clear mind.

Step 4 :. Breathe During the first treatment, while waiting for something to happen, it is very easy to forget to breathe regularly. We must continue to focus on breathing, take a deep breath, holding it for 2 to 3 seconds and then exhale . The body has a natural rhythm of its own – not to fight against the return at that rate. That’s the whole point of treatment!

Step 5 :. Wait Some may even fall asleep a few minutes after starting induction. This is perfectly fine, and is why a timer set at the beginning of the process.

Step 6 :. Conclude When the alarm sounds, open your eyes and sit slowly. Some people may feel the “rush” the beginning of cerebrospinal fluid to move again, although many people do not. Now would be a good time to drink some water. is important to smooth, quiet movements while moving around post-treatment.

Step 7 :. Sleep go to bed half an hour of treatment it would be highly recommended, as the aftereffects are likely to leave a person drained and sleepy. Most people have trouble sleeping after this treatment. Replays on a daily basis will make even deeper resulting benefits.

realize the benefits

For a person willing to spend 10 minutes at least once a week (though more often is even better), the possible outcomes of an induction still are countless points. The sleep will improve, the overall stress level will fall, and feelings of anxiety recede as a result of stabilization within the body. [3] The power and results of touch therapy are well documented.

After a few days of self-treatment many wonder how they ever came without him. Some may even go so far as to make an appointment with a local Craniosacral professional to further explore the power and results of the complete protocol of 10 steps.

The human body is composed of many interlocking systems, and some know very little. To begin the self-care for the cerebro-spinal system is no different than taking care of your heart or muscles. Give yourself permission to take possession of the most intimate and deepest of your body then functions, see the flower of health benefits.

[1] Upledger, Lisa. “Craniosacral therapy.” Magazine Massage March, 2007: 38-44. To print.

[2] “craniosacral therapy,” Crystal Mountain School of Massage, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2001.

[3] Schofield, Melissa MT. Personal interview.

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