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The ingenious thought behind home remedies is that there are things in your home that you need in case of emergency, illness or illness. This means that a mother only needs to open her supermarket closet to find an answer to the discomfort of her crying son.

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Whether it's a headache, sore throat, indigestion or insect bite, there is probably something in your kitchen cabinet, or even a sock drawer, that can help. Here are 10 home remedies that every mother should know, that could potentially save the day (or save a good night's sleep):

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10 Socks

This one is ingenious and promises good use for those socks & # 39; orphans & # 39; They are without partners. Fill a sock with raw rice, tying it with a little thread and place it in the microwave for a minute or so.

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Voila! It has an affordable, quite soft and lovely thermal wrap that can be used to help a child with a stomachache or pain in other parts of the body, such as the neck.

9 9 Prunes

Dried plums and prunes are used by moms around the world to help the bellies work when constipation begins. Simply give your child some dried prunes to eat, or cut them in oatmeal or muesli for breakfast. Your child will love them because they are delicious, with a naturally sweet taste.

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Alternatively, buy a jar of prune baby food. Children will find it delicious and with their digestive fibers, it will work wonders with their digestive systems.


8 A credit card

Children love credit cards. They suggest good things to come and more blessings and more toys. By the way, they can also be used to relieve pain, in case of a sting.

If a bee or a wasp stings your child, you can use the flat edge of the card, sliding it along the child's skin, along the surface affected by the sting, until the sting is removed. Proof that you can get more from your credit card than you initially expected!

7 7 Bubble gum

While most parents do not want their children to overdo the entire process of chewing gum, there are some benefits to chewing gum. When a person chews gum, his stomach produces additional saliva that can be used to relieve stomach pain and indigestion, as it neutralizes excess stomach acid.

This method should only be used for children over four years old, for obvious reasons. Also, for children who are still relatively young, make sure that the gum does not end in someone's hair or sticks to something that could ruin it.


6 6 Turmeric

Turmeric is often known as a wonderful ingredient due to its supposed healing powers. Turmeric powder can work wonders in terms of preventing infections and it is quite simple even for a first-time mother to get pretty cheeky with this home remedy.

All that is required is to mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with a little water to make a paste. Put this on the wound and cover it with a dressing. This is only recommended for minor or superficial wounds.

5 5 Honey

It seems almost too simple to be true, however, only a spoonful of honey can work wonders to help your child sleep well and relieve a cough. Honey has many beneficial properties, which include antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

All that is required for your child to benefit from the healing properties of this wonderful substance is a teaspoon. One teaspoon (15 ml) should be taken approximately half an hour before bedtime to get the maximum benefit.


4 4 Sodium bicarbonate

When a bee has bitten your child and is howling in pain, or when it has been targeted by a mosquito all night long, it does not need to go beyond the kitchen cupboard to find a solution.

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Baking soda, mixed with water, produces a paste that relieves bites and itching, super fast. The alkaline solution of baking powder with water counteracts the acidic nature of bites and stings and provides instant relief.

3 Ginger tea

Some children do not handle car movement very well and may be prone to car diseases. To help with car sickness or other stomach ailments, related to stomach contractions, take a teaspoon of grated ginger and add a little water, adding enough honey to make the mixture sweet and drinkable.

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Allow it to cool and give it to your child for at least half an hour before getting in the car for an extended trip. This will mean happier driving for everyone!


2 The apples

This is a great remedy but there is a reason why it is timeless. When a child has acid reflux or heartburn after indulging in a fast food party or restaurant, or after eating too much, too fast, give him some apples rich in pectin.

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Apples help absorb excess stomach acid, being rich in pectin, which is a soluble fiber. They also help restore the pH balance in the stomach. The good news is that most mothers have a healthy supply of apples in their pantry. Also, it's easy to fix apple dishes with extras like raisins and muesli, and most kids love them!

one A handkerchief

That cute handkerchief your son used for a while but he has never seen since could become the perfect solution for a headache. Wrap some ice cubes in a tea towel and secure them against your child's head with the handkerchief.

Make sure the cubes are not too cold against the head using enough stuffing of dish cloth. Your child will not care so much that the handkerchief is outdated or cheesy, since his head will soon begin to feel much lighter and clearer. It's great for your son to look … great.

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