Worldwide, wedding traditions are a bit different: Some are romantic heartwarmingly and some of them are a little strange, and some of them might make you a little uncomfortable. Check out these 31 love and marriage customs around the world – # 24 will make cringe.It can be gross, confusing or frightening. Imagine shooting the bride or marry a banana tree.

  1. The blackening of the bride

In Scotland, there is a pre-wedding particularly nasty tradition that involves the bride and groom to be a rain junk foods, including rotten eggs and fish. The Scots believe that if a couple can endure this, your marriage can withstand anything.

  1. Blocking lady

In China, when a boyfriend comes to get his girlfriend, he must first break through an aggressive wall bridesmaids their anger. The ladies demand money from him, and put him through a series of actions and silly tasks -. All intended to show how strong their love is really

  1. The Courting Hut

Some African tribes allow women to enter a ” courtship cabin “so they can hang out with potential spouses away from the prying eyes of their parents -. And the rest of the people

  1. Kidnapping girlfriend

In Kyrgyzstan, an old saying says that tears in a wedding day is They make for a happy marriage. Until 1991 (when it was finally declared illegal) many parents consent to the marriage of a kidnapped girl, especially if she was crying.

  1. The wedding graveside

In an average sample somber and serious, many Russians choose to marry in the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow.

  1. Love without going to the bathroom

In Borneo, a tribe does not allow newlyweds to leave their homes during wedding day, even to go to the bathroom. Like most odd traditions, it is said to bring the couple good luck.

  1. The Gerewol Festival for ladies

In Niger, men have to wear elaborate costumes and perform for their potential partners. When performance is more, women can choose the man they love.

  1. Beating feet groom Korea

Korean tradition dictates that the groom has his feet beaten with fish or a cane before her first night as a married man. It may be painful, but it is faster and more fun than cruel. This is supposed to ensure that the groom does not disappoint on their wedding night.

  1. The Mate-Grabbing questionable

In some Gypsy groups, there is a tradition of controversy involving pretenders to grab a girl and start kissing hard. It might be love -. Or it could just be an unwanted assault

  1. Spitting the bride: nation Massai, Kenya

At a wedding Massai’s father the bride blesses her daughter for spitting on her head and breasts. Then out of town with her husband and does not look back for fear of becoming stone.

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