tag, or morality, actually show a polite behavior. Many people think that this protocol is not realistic.

The principles are fairly simple label and include the correct speech and vocabulary, common courtesy, emotions restriction and look clean and tidy.

10 rules of etiquette higher value:

1. Do not look at people -. That’s incredibly rude, you should never talk or laugh too loud

2. If you are taking a walk with a friend and he she greets someone Hello, you must follow greet even if you do not know the person.

3. Fashion is important, but not current trends continue as they make you look silly.

4. Always thank the people who helped him in thanks. Never take your support for granted as well.

5. Men can have a woman’s coat and take it to the wardrobe, but they must never take and carry the bag.

6. When you apologize and the apology is accepted, make sure you never make the same mistake again.

7. Never spend too much time on empty on their phone conversation. If you want to see your friends, go out with them.

8. allowed men to eat sushi with your hands instead of chopsticks.

9. If you are out for drinks or dinner, your phone or tablet must never be on the table. This shows that they have more important that the meeting, giving the impression that you’re bored. Check their profiles online or play with your smartphone may offend them.

10. When driving a car on a rainy day, avoid splashing pedestrians with water.

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