10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

The famous psychotherapist Carl Jung is well known for the archetypes and the collective unconscious. In the late 19th century Jung, after a detailed investigation he concluded that look in dreams are actually opening a door to consciousness and the spiritual world.

In addition, there is no science behind all the things that happen during people are sleeping.

Interestingly, on the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, where the team of scientists did research and explored the brain scans while the identification of visual images of dreams. The conclusion was that people who see their dreams in the same way they see their world of waking.

For the analysis of dreams, you need to study how we participate in our daily activities. The question is: are dreams a repetition of visual stimuli of what we perceive in waking hours or guidance messages from beyond the grave? Another interesting question is: what do these symbols mean? How we interpret and analyze them to give us messages?

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Below you can read about 10 things you should never overlook about their dreams:


Dreams of death are much more common than actually allowed. That feeling is very morbid, and the sleep of death usually symbolizes the end of something. In other words, death is the termination of the pieces of ego. You should know that is not the death of anxiety and anger or death of a situation. Moreover, it is not the death of an idea that allows the birth of another. Experts explain that dreaming of death or dying can be a huge psychological aspect of work changes in emotions.

In case if you dream of death, you should ask yourself: Where you who died? Was a loved one?


Development and significant growth is the symbol of dreams about being pregnant. In addition, it can be oriented projects and future desires. Interestingly, pregnant dreams often bring fruitful ideas for a job or a relationship.

How can you visualize the pregnancy in your dreams? Then he asks: What are you trying to create? What transformation are finding in your waking life? Are you pregnant with possibilities?


dream of being naked another common dream. Experts connect those dreams with human fear of being exposed. If the dream is about another person being naked, which actually means “the naked truth” of a situation or presage an illicit relationship. Note that you can also mean the loss of respect. It is interesting that nudity is accept the flaws and imperfections. As in waking moment that is how it is exposed to the world itself.


Interestingly flying dreams indicate the need to achieve ambition. You should ask: Where are you going? How is there? Are you having trouble navigating through life? Have you noticed that dreams tend to let fly recharge us to wake up? There is a feeling of incredible freedom and be able to achieve anything in our way.


As explained experts, water dreams usually transmit the emotional state of someone’s mind. Water symbolizes cleanliness and purity. As a matter of fact, dreaming waterfalls bodes well. This represents a new beginning as the old washed out.

In cascades see in your dreams you should do: Is the waterfall a small or large? How do you perceive your obstacles? It is the waterfall in a dark forest or a beautiful beach?


Very often people dream of teeth. It is important to mention that not all dreams symbolize aging teeth. For example, pulling teeth symbolizes something that has to come out, and rotten teeth symbolize the celebration of fear and anxiety. Experts say the fall of dreaming teeth are the most typical of all dreams of teeth. Those dreams are generally derived to new situations that cause stress :. A new job, fear of loss, lack of power in a relationship or lies that are kept hidden

If you dream of teeth, you should ask yourself: How do you feel about your teeth? We use our teeth to nourish the body. How are we feeding our lives?


Depending on the context of sleep, dreams of fire can have several meanings.

Playing with fire can be a warning of risky activities while watching the fire at a distance symbolizes the desire and transformation. When the dream is about to start a fire symbolizing being repressed anger.

Ask yourself the day putting out fires He spends Do you avoid risk situations


According to experts, the dreams of self and houses symbolize different aspects of personality. In addition, depending on the type of home or the different rooms of interpretation may vary. In addition, houses are for the safety and comfort. For example an attic symbolizes hidden memories, while a basement can mean intuition and the unconscious mind.

n case you often see houses in dreams, you should ask these questions: How are you taking care of your body? How do you perceive yourself in the world?


When people are dreaming dreams with the money, which often make awaken with gratitude. In addition, dreaming of the money is a matter of luck and the way we perceive our self – worth. It is interesting that winning the lottery symbolizes a change in lifestyle during sleep giving money is a fear of loss. Experts explain that dreams of money actually belong to the core of our emotions to abundance and prosperity. As a matter of fact, financial stability or losses are stressors in our lives.

Now, ask yourself: Have you lost your job? Are you in debt? What would you do if you won the lottery?


The explanation is dreaming of adultery which means sexual desire and impulses that are often repressed or are in need to express. Experts add that these types of dreams carry abandonment and fears, self -. Issues worth and an unconscious acceptance of a problematic relationship

If adultery appears in your dreams, you have to ask yourself: Are you afraid of losing a loved one? Are not you satisfied in your own relationship? How do you feel about your body and desires?

Last but not least. It is a fact that dreams represent episodes of our lives and can easily be analyzed in many different ways. The dreamer is the only one who can find the true emotional state of sleep. Above us we are presenting only several suggestions in the world of night vision;

You should all be aware that our mind, body and spirit are intertwined and how we perceive the car reproduces again and again during sleep.

“Dreams … are invariably trying to express something the ego does not know and does not understand.” – Carl Jung

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